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Greetings, all. I am Aktër, the Tlívuḿ God-King. Or at least, in a way. I am Raytan, the Tlívuḿ God of Narration. I serve as the messenger of the endless stories from Tlívuḿ itself which would otherwise be impossible to know exist. I also serve as a sort of vessel for the God-King, whose sole purpose is to watch over, govern, and expand Tlívuḿ, and of course, do the same for the countless Tlívuḿ Gods that shape all of existence as we know it.

Below is a list of all the Gods we're so far the most familiar with.


NEXT UP: Kazsaz, Evocati

Notes about (real-life) me:
*I am not talking in character when my text is black. My characters are color-coded.
*I love to roleplay and if you're ever interested, or just want to talk, you know where to find me! (Alternatively if not here, you can message me on Discord at @the_true_ascended)
*Overall, I consider myself a very empathetic and respectful individual. HOWEVER, I DO NOT put up with utter bullshit, and WILL call people out for it. It's a habit, probably a bad one, but still.
*Adding onto that, I tend to often speak my mind and usually don't sugarcoat things.
*I'm almost NEVER serious, and when I am, it's usually clear or stated so. If I say something that may seem... off, always assume I'm joking or being sarcastic.
*If I ever end up being annoying, offensive, mean, or I make you uncomfortable in any way, PLEASE let me know and I will do everything in my power to stop it, because chances are I don't realize it in the FIRST place.
*Like pretty much everyone else here, I'm on the spectrum and possess, ADHD, OCD, all kinds of anxiety, and probably depression which is entirely my own fault because I need to make healthier life choices and do something productive with my life. Despite this, I'm still relatively "normal" in terms of functionality, I guess? I just got a bit of extra flavor than most people is all.

NOTEWORTHY PEOPLE: (Basically a friends list)

@smg1.5 --- Overall a very chill and kind person. Quite possibly the most likable and friendly person on this site. :D

@Away for a while --- A quite interesting individual. Very friendly, and definitely a very creative person, in the best way possible. :D

@AndyIsAnUndertaleFan --- Such a friendly and overall likeable lil' peep. Sorta like a mini @smg1.5, only this one is a goat and not a small moustached plumber. Absolutely genuine and glad to have him as a friend. :D

@Goofbread --- A nice, like-minded individual. Makes some really amazing art. :)

@Inksilver(?) --- Good friend who is fun to RP with. :)

@Vee Driage --- He's cool (questionable) and a dude (also questionable). :)

@PICKELZ --- Fellow pickle enjoyer and all-around interesting individual. :)

@CALIBORN --- Is my Lord. >:D

Need more frens tbh

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