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Hiya! My name's Goofbread, but you can call me Goof! (Because I'm goofy and I like bread!!)

PFP is Fever Dream (Omori Style) by @/nidolh on Discord <3

I am 15 years old, born on May 15th~! :taurus:
I am a cisgender female, She/Her <3
Lesbian :neocat_flag_lesbian:
Taken by @SM9118 (Best gurlfrend EVA!!)

I draw Furries, Warrior Cats, and special species! (Such as Open, Semi-Open, or Closed species~)
I can draw dogs, but I'm not the best... -w-"
I love to draw and animate, even if I'm not the best at making animations. (Though, I always see significant growth every month!)

(Select to see some, since they can be very triggering!)
Into [Vore]
Extreme PDA Enthusiast (Or if you do this)

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