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Redoing my bio. Oncemore

-Reece. He/they/mistake
-Masculine androgyne. Asexual and "straight" (I like women)
-Kinda fruity ngl
-Dog person, but I'd rather take care of cats. Don't ask how that works, because I don't know, either :D
-Indonesian Indie game enthusiast
-Kinda weird. I'm a cosplayer (ew) who SOMEHOW manages to shower. Those two things don't usually go hand in hand, but okay :)
-An actual piece of garbage in the ocean waiting to explode and sinking thanks to water pressure (plastic bottle)
-Lemon Demon enthusiast
-Shoutouts to YourNightlyDesires, UnderMaster, ThePunsGuy, Golden, KiwiKid, AstroNova, and more.
-Anti-shoutouts to Papytron and Cooldude.
-My diet consists of rocks and sand
-I also eat misbehaving children, thanks for the donations :)
-Do not refer to me as my old name/old pronouns or you are going to meet your maker
-Technically ate a baby before (absorbed twin)
-Pee pee town enthusiast
-Professional short boy, 4'8
-Birthday is June 10, I'm 19 atm
-Son? (It's funny b/c I did your mom)

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