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Hello! Welcome to my bio! i don't know what to say ;-;) <br />Uhm-<br />*XxInk_SansXx would start to stutter*<br />*They sound like Error Sans when someone touches him-*<br /><br /><br />You know what? I'm just going to state random facts about me!<br /><br />Gender: Gender Fluid<br /><br />Sexuality: (Undecided)<br /><br />Age: (For security purposes I'm not going to say it- however I am NOT an adult!)<br /><br />Pronouns: Any pronoun is fine! <br /><br />Favorite color: Any pale/faded color<br /><br />Favorite AU: Hmm- probably Outertale-<br /><br />Family Status: Middle Child ;-;<br /><br /> Am I really Ink Sans: No- sadly I am not- however out of all the aus I seem to relate to Ink Sans the most-<br /><br />Biological Gender: Female<br /><br />Can I use BBcode: Yes-<br /><br />Have I seen XxXxMeme_MasterXxXx irl: Yes actually! I believe they have stated that before-<br /><br />How Long have I Been on This Website: About a year or two-<br /><br />Music I Listen to: basically any music is fine-<br /><br />Favorite General Food: Curry<br /><br />Favorite Fruit: WATERMELOOON >:D

Favorite Dessert: Mochi<br /><br /><br /><br />Shout-Outs: DeadBread, AstroNova, XxXxMeme_MasterXx, Feyt, InkSans1234, mememan2007, smg1, Demi, and PaintedPlummetJaiden! <br />Thank you for being such nice people and stay awesome! ^^

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Spriter Created at least one custom character to use in the Undertale generators.
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