About me

My name's Demi. I'm a 26 year old guy who lives in Spain.

I'm a software developer, and also an artist/animator as a hobby. I love both.
If you know me, it probably is because of the animations I upload on my YouTube channel or because of the Undertale text box generator.

The first video I've ever uploaded to YouTube was a simple sprite animation 13 years ago on May 28th of 2009.
That video is unlisted right now, so the oldest public video of my channel was uploaded December 16th of 2009, and it was a parody of the Spanish Pokémon anime opening, which I called Popomon. Two days later, I uploaded the first chapter of what became my first "animated" series I've ever made.

Since that moment, a lot of stuff happened (I guess it's pretty normal, after 13 years), but I prefer not to bore you with the details.

How to contact me / my accounts

If you need to talk with me for some reason (or if someone said they were me and you want to verify that), here you have a list of all the accounts I usually use. If you're suspicious about an accout that is not listed here, you're welcome to ask me about it.

Main contact methods

@ Email
JoanMarcMB@gmail.com My personal email account. I read all of my mails, even if I take a bit to reply.
DC Discord
Demirramon#2419 I don't accept friend requests from strangers, but I have an official server! You're welcome to join.
My DMs are a mess, so if you need anything I recommend saying it on the server instead.

Social media and similar

YT Youtube
Demirramon My YouTube channel, where I upload my animations and other things.
TW Twitter
@Demirramon My Twitter account, where I periodically post my stuff, WIPs, and sometimes memes and dumb stuff.
FA FurAffinity
Demirramon Practically the same as DeviantArt, but with furry/anthro/animal art only.
DA deviantArt
Demirramon Here I upload all my drawings and sprites.
WP Wattpad


ST Steam
Demirramon VRChat is a really cool VR-compatible (not required) social game. You can usually find me there playing games or hanging out with people. You will recognize me.
MC Minecraft
Demirramon Both in the Java and Bedrock versions.
TFM Transformice
GD Geometry Dash


Accounts with my name that are NOT mine

Lately, I noticed how there many accounts trying to impersonate me. For that reason, I also made a list of websites where there are accounts with my name but aren't mine.

Site/game Name Desc
Roblox Demirramon, DemirramonYT None of these two are mine. I have never played Roblox.
Gmail Demirramon@gmail.com No idea who has this email, but it's not me.
Don't forget,
Demirramon I noticed my name was stolen the first time I tried to play Mysterytale.
Scratch.mit.edu Demirramon This account is fake. I'm not a "website designer", I'm a software developer. And I don't live in the UK.