Who am I?

My name's Demi! I'm a 28 years old guy who lives in Catalonia (Spain).
Demirramon is pronounced like Demi Ramon by the way.

I'm a software developer, an artist/animator, a VR enthusiast and a furry.
If you know me it's most likely the cause is one of the following:

If not, I welcome you to my website either way! I hope you find what you're looking for or have a nice time in here.

My story

Below is my journey as a content creator from the beginning to today.
It's quite a long read but if you ever wondered something about my past... now you can find out.

Because of the length of this category, I folded every sub-section. Click on the titles to display its content.

Before YouTube

YouTube and Popomon (2009)

How FNAF blew my channel up (2014)

Undertale, Underswap and furries (2016)

Trying new things (2018)

The three-year radio silence (2020)

Contact and socials

If you need to talk with me for some reason (or if someone said they were me and you want to verify that), here you have a list of all the accounts I usually use. If you're suspicious about an accout that is not listed here, you're welcome to ask me about it.

Main contact methods

Social media and similar

Art and multimedia