Submit alternate universe for the generator

Through this page, you can submit your own alternate universe for the Undertale generators.


Your AU must follow these rules to be accepted. If it doesn't, it might be rejected..

Don't submit AUs with one/two characters and/or no actual story

For a new AU to be added, it must have a defined history and at least a couple of characters. Having a comic or something of the sort with some parts out will make it have more chances to be added.

No OCs nor self inserts

I will not add any OCs if they're not part of an AU with more characters.

Previous quality rules still apply.

No Sans based AUs

I will not add any more AUs that only have Sans or a Sans replacement.

Don't use battle sprite heads as a base

Please, don't do that and expect me to add them. Talk sprites are completelly different, and usually bigger.

The only exceptions could be Asgore and Toriel, as their canon talksprites are cropped battle sprites.

Sprites must meed a certain level of quality

I won't accept sprites that have less quality than Undertale's.

They must not have any kind of subpixeling (pixels in irregular sizes) and be in 1:1 scale (every pixel is a pixel).

Optional: make my life a little easier

If I accept your AU, the next points will make everything easier for me. I won't reject anything that don't meet the following requirements, but I would appreciate it a lot if they met them.

Preferred way of submitting sprites is on a single sheet, in 1:1 scale and colored background (preferably not black).

I preffer sprite sheets over individual images. Colored or transparent background is preffered to black.

If your sheet has more than six sprites, it would help me A LOT if you also give me a list of names for the expressions. I waste a lot of time thinking about what names to give them.

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