Submit alternate universe for the generators

Through this page you can submit your own alternate universe for the Undertale generators.

What am I currently looking for?

I am currently only interested in two types of AU: crossovers and known AUs that are still not part of the generator.
That doesn't mean I won't accept anything else, but that's what I will give priority to.

For crossovers, I am looking for sprites of characters from other franchises in the style of Undertale. The sprites must be as close as Undertale's styles as possible.

For known AUs it depends on if the submitter is the owner or not. If you aren't the owner and there's no official sprites of it, I will accept fan-made sprites.


Your AU must follow these rules to be accepted. If it doesn't, it might be rejected.

1. Don't submit AUs with one/two characters and/or no actual story (except crossovers)

Every AU must have a defined history and at least a couple of characters. Having a comic or something of the sort with some parts out will make it have more chances to be added.

For crossovers, a story is not required. In fact, crossovers that are just sprites of other franchises' characters in Undertale's style are preferred.

2. No self-inserts

I will not add any self-inserts (a direct representation of the creator) if they don't have a reason to exist. It's okay if one of the AU's characters is a self-insert, but if they all are or they only take the place of Sans and/or Papyrus they will be rejected.

3. No Sans based AUs

I will not add any more AUs that only have Sans or a Sans replacement. There are way too many.

4. Your universe MUST have sprites already

This form's purpose is to add new universes to the generators. If there are no sprites for it, it won't be possible to use these, which means there's no use in adding them. I'm not going to do any sprites.

5. Don't use battle sprite heads as a base

Please, don't do that and expect me to add them. Talk sprites are completelly different, and usually bigger.
The only exceptions could be Asgore and Toriel, as their canon talksprites are cropped battle sprites.

6. Sprites must meet a certain level of quality

I won't accept sprites that have less quality than Undertale's.
The sprites cannot have any kind of sub-pixeling (pixels represented irregularly) and must be in 1:1 scale (every square pixel must be represented by a single pixel and four or more).

7. Important: create your characters before filling the form

You must create characters using the Undertale content pack administrator before filling the form, as you will be asked which of your characters will be sent with the universe you're submitting. Once you create them you must reload this page. If you don't, the list will be empty and you will have to fill the form again.

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