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Undertale Text Box Generator developer help page

In this section you will find all you need to use the generator at its fullest and to solve any errors you might have found.

There's also a list of all the avaliable universes with descriptions of all the takes you can use in the generator.

Total characters: 225 Total expressions: 2005
Total character alias: 465 Total expression alias: 932

How to use the generator from your own or a third party program

I don't think I could call this an API, but it's really easy to use from basically anywhere as all you need is to pass data through an URL and get the resultimg image. Any kind of program capable of downloading and uploading images or, in a less optimal case, able to build links and send them, is also capable of interacting with the generator.

The easiest way to generate an image is through adding data to this url:
The text inside of the message parameter must be properly encoded for a URL to not cause problems with characters like spaces, ? and &.

To select the parameters from the generator site, you must add them anywhere in the message (I recommend before or after the text) like this:
character=toriel small=true border=true Greetings, my child.
Adding that into the message parameter would generate this image:

Avaliable parameters:
box sets the box shape. Avaliable box types: undertale, underswap, underfell, octagonal, derp.
boxcolor sets the color of the box outline. It can be a name or a HEX color.
character selects a character. Check the table below. If you want to input an URL, select "custom".
expression selects a expression. Check the table below.
url uses the image from an url if you selected "custom" as a character. Otherwise, this will be ignored.
charcolor changes the color of the sprite.
font selects a font.
asterisk sets if there will be asterisks (true) or not (false).
small sets if the box will be at 2:1 (false) or 1:1 (true) scale.
border sets if there will be a black border around the box (true) or not (false).

mode sets the mode. If set to "darkworld" it will have shadows and colored text will have gradients.

All of these parameters are optional. Default values for the font and asterisk will depend on the selected character.

For a text formatting guide, click here

Character and expression codes

To use the characters and their expressions you will need to know their names. There's also alias that work just like the names so it's a little easier to remember them. Select a universe and a take to see all the names of the characters and their expressions.



Character Character code name Character alias


Expression Expression code name Expression alias
Click on a character to load their expressions.