Here's a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.
The list of updates for the generators, if they have them, are listed in their page.

Security update and bug fixes


This update doesn't bring anything new but has some bug fixes and a significant performance and security update to the library used to make queries to the database: mysqleq (made by myself and available on GitHub).

I have also added my Mastodon account to the "about me" page (inside the gallery) because Twitter is a nightmare.


  • Updated query library mysqleq to version 3.1.

  • Added Mastodon to the About Me page.

  • Bug fix: pages with no comments don't show the comment publish section.

  • Bug fix: Undertale content pack links in the content pack list still use the old format.

  • Bug fix: the go back button in the character editor brings you to a "character does not exist" error page.

  • Bug fix: removing a Undertale character from your imports in the imported characters list shows an error message even if it succeeds.

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