Here's a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.
The list of updates for the generators, if they have them, are listed in their page.

Theme update


After being requested for so long, dark mode is here!
I pretty much got an idea about how to make it and sat down and made it in a day lol. I also added a couple of new themes, brought back theme-specific titles and headers, and did some little fixes.

Oh and Undertale Text Box Generator 9.0.3 is out too.



  • Added a dark mode option to the profile settings.

  • Restored the special titles and characters for special themes (Kean, Halloween, and Christmas).

  • Added the cyan and purple themes.


  • Fixed the new comment indicator for the comments button in the nav.

  • Added the no-ads class to areas where ads shouldn't have been appearing.

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