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This is a day I didn't think would come. This brought me so many headaches that I had given up entirely.
Turns out all I had to do is to kill the website's mail address and make a new one. New security systems were automatically put in place and all the flags from the previous address died with it.

Long story short, the email system has been restored. This means you will get the verification email, password recovery codes, and AU submission responses. However, comment/reply notifications are still disabled as a precaution. The related user settings have been removed to avoid confusion.

Apart from that, profile picture updating has been made less prone to errors and the "comment too long" error is now consistent with the values it actually checks (no longer checking for 5000 characters but saying the comment has more than 10000)


  • The email system is operational again.

  • All mailing options in user config have been removed, except mail language.

  • Updating your profile pic should no longer break.

  • The "comment too long" error now displays the same ammount of characters it actually checks for.

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