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:sparkles: (sprinkles) Hello, welcome to my profile! :sparkles: (sprinkles)

I'm Demi, the administrator and main developer of this website.
Alongside @Kean , we keep the peace and work to make this place better.

I hope you have lots of fun here!
Feel free to contact me if there's any problem.

:exclamation_exclamation: (two red exclamation marks) IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BUG REPORTING :exclamation_exclamation: (two red exclamation marks)

If you want to report a bug or make a suggestion and use Discord regularly I recommend doing so in our Discord server, as it helps me keep track of them.

However, I will not lock bug reporting within Discord.
Until a report page becomes available, feel free to report them right here.

Achievements / badges

Icon Name Description
Administrator This user is the administrator of the website.
Murder Games organizer Can set up Murder Games for the Discord server.
Discord moderator Is a moderator of the official Discord server.
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Translator This user translates this website into other languages.
Official spriter This user owns characters in the Undertale generators
UT/DR content administrator User that administrates their own AUs in the Undertale/Deltarune generators.
Verified For verifying the email on their account.
Mystery solved For writing in their biography.
It's me! For changing the default profile picture.
Spriter This user created at least one custom character for the Undertale generators.
Invader For creating and saving one or more wormsonas.
Discord member Is a member of the official Discord server and has verified their account.
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Custom Undertale content from Demirramon

This user created the following characters for the Undertale generators:

  • Text box generator
    • Bunnie (Fallen Monsters)
    • Demi (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))
    • Bludi (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))
    • Brick (Extra people)
    • Kean (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))
    • Demey (Demitale)
    • Demirel (Demitale)
    • Demstablook (Demitale)
    • demi period. (Demitale)
    • DEMYRUS (Demitale)
    • Undemi (Demitale)
    • Demmie (Demitale)
    • Doctor Demi (Demitale)
    • Demigorb (Demitale)
    • Smoldemi (Demitale)
    • Brisk (Demitale)
    • Karan (Demitale)
    • Demi on fire (Demitale)
    • WD emirramon (Demitale)
    • Muffemi (Demitale)
    • Omega Demey (Demitale)
    • Best boi (Extra characters)
  • Overworld generator
    • Demi (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))
    • Bludi (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))
    • Brick (Extra people)
    • Kean (Chains of Fate (Demi & co))

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