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My series

Here's a list of all the animated series I've made or I'm uploading to my channel.

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Phoenix Wright: The Christmas Turnabout

Status: being rebooted.

What!? I'm in jail!?
How could this happen to me!?

Mini series where the famous attorney Phoenix Wright gets involved in a weird case where I myself am the defendant.
Will he be able to save me from this mess?

Mystery series

Status: Work in progress.

Series to be announced.


Status: in progress.

Underswap is an alternate universe of the famous game Undertale, where the characters got their roles swapped.
How would a Undertale like that be? Which things would change as a consequence? Discover it by yourself.

Rhythm Heaven/Paradise recreations

Status: paused.

Recreations of minigames from Rhythm Heaven/Paradise in my own style and with characters related to the channel.
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Canceled series

The following series were canceled before reaching its end.

Popomon: The Legend of Padiratina

Status: canceled.

Popomon: the legend of Padiratina is an animated series that take place in a universe similar to Pokémon.
Follow the adventures of Ashatuko, Raul and Sara in their journey through Magalumia.