This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Pride avatar maker v3.0.0


Another big update! I was planning to make a smaller content update to add some more flags first, but it quickly got out of hand.

So here we are! New flags, dual flags, new shapes, and tons of improvements. I hope you have fun with the new options!


  • Added an image title to the generator's page.

  • Added a version display with the time since its release.

  • Added a changelog button under the version.

  • Added a "dual flags" switch with a second flag selector and a few new options.

  • Added a "split" option to choose how the second flag splits the first one (if dual flags are enabled).

  • Split the "ring" option into two different options: "shape" and "coverage".

    • The shape option will allow you to select between a few different shapes:

      • Ring

      • Square

      • Star

      • Pentagon

      • Hexagon

      • Hexagon (vertical)

      • Paw

      • Heart

    • The coverage option will allow you to choose if the shape will be an outline or cover everything beyond the hole.

  • Updated the LGBT flag to correct the stripes' size inconsistency.

  • Added two versions of the progress flag.

  • Added the agender flag.

  • Added the demiboy flag.

  • Added the demigirl flag.

  • Added the intersex flag.

  • Added the gray-sexual flag.

  • Added the gray-romantic flag.

  • Added the demisexual flag

  • Added the demiromantic flag

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