This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v9.0.0


It's hard to believe I'm finally done with this update. Believe it or not, the development for it actually started in October of 2021. So... yeah. Two years in development.

Anyways! Let's get to what matters. What even is in this update?
First of all, I remade EVERYTHING for the text box generator. Literally, not a single line of code has been untouched. The whole architecture is different, it works faster and is easier to maintain. I did the same with the javascript that makes the textbox UI interactive: everything got redesigned and rewritten.

But let's talk about what you WILL notice. The whole User Interface has been redesigned!
The page now has categories that you can collapse whenever you're not using them to free some space on your screen. There are some options that you rarely change more than once, so I hope this is a change some of you find useful.
Inside these new categories, some options changed into button switches and the color dropdowns are now custom color selectors! This has been a long-awaited feature that I hope you guys enjoy.
The character lists can now be grouped in categories in case of being very large (like in Deltarune), all options have help buttons, the text box stacker is brand new, lots and lots of bugs have been squashed, fonts can now display special characters (if the font includes it), etc.

I could go on forever, but I will let you figure out the rest. Did I even mention the new text editor? Then just go and check it out yourself! What are you waiting for?

Full change log below!


New UI

  • New, cleaner, and better-looking styles.

  • Super compact mode for low-resolution mobile screens.

  • Collapsible categories.

  • Button switches.

    • Format, border, size, and asterisk are now button switches instead of dropdowns.

    • The size parameter has now three options: small, medium, and big.

  • Custom color selectors.

    • They will let you choose from a list of predefined colors and customize it afterward.

  • You can now choose the color of every asterisk individually.

  • Characters can now be grouped in character groups.

    • Useful for AUs with a lot of characters, like Deltarune.

    • May not be visible in all browsers and devices.

  • Every option in the generator has a help button that will explain it briefly.

Other visual changes

  • A change log will pop up the first time you visit the generator after an update!

    • This is experimental. It may be removed in the future if people find it annoying.

  • Removed most of the buttons and text outside the generator UI for a cleaner look.

    • The buttons for custom characters will appear at the bottom of the sprite category if you choose to use a custom sprite.

    • The help page button has been replaced by a link to the new FAQ right above the generator UI.

    • The dev info page is now accessible through the new FAQ.

  • The version displayed under the title will now show how long ago it was released instead of the release date.

    • Clicking on the version will open the update pop-up instead of moving you to the version history.

  • New help page! It has been rewritten into a FAQ with all the questions not answered by the help buttons.

New "what you see is what you get" text editor

  • No need for color codes anymore! You can choose colors and apply them to any selected text.

  • The border color, selected font, asterisk settings, and margin setting are also applied to the editor.

  • If the selected character has a specific way of spelling a warning will show under the text editor. It will contain a switch that will auto-convert the text on generation if you wish. It won't modify your text though, only the output will be affected.

Text box generator changes

  • The old code has been rewritten from the ground up, which GREATLY optimized it and made it easier to maintain.

  • Custom characters now use their codenames instead of URLs!

    • This will let you use your characters through Discord bots and third-party text-based tools by selecting them like this: username/character-codename.

Text box stacker

  • The stacker has been totally rewritten too!

  • Faster and more reliable than before.

  • New look.

  • Displays sprites in the entry list.


  • Replaced the previous Sans font with [L12]Undertale Comic Sans Extended Latin[/url], which supports many more Latin characters than the previous font.

  • Renamed Demiverse (Crossovers) to Chains Of Fate.

New Undertale API

  • Instead of having everything inside the javascript and HTML files, the data is now loaded from the new Undertale API.

  • Only used by the text box generator at the moment, but will be used by all Undertale generators in the future.

  • It's still a work in progress without documentation but it's way cleaner, faster, and more optimized than the previous one. Ask me if you want to know more!

Bug fixes

  • Every bug in the text box stacker.

  • Sprites in the text box no longer have an almost-black-but-not-really-black background, they are fully transparent.

  • Fixed encoding issues with non-Latin characters.

    • This doesn't mean any character will be properly displayed, as the fonts need to support it. However, this means fonts can now actually support them in the future.

  • Colored text in Dark World mode will now have the intended shadow color.

  • Most text of the UI was not translatable into other languages, now it is.

    • Text inside the options (like character expressions) may not be translated at the moment, but it will in the future.

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