This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v9.0.1


This update fixes some bugs found after the previous update. It was huge, so this was bound to happen.
If you still haven't tried v9.0.0 you can read what's new in the change log at the bottom of the page.



  • Fixed custom characters not showing all of their sprites in the generator's list.

  • Fixed custom character buttons not showing when selecting cutom owned/imported characters.

  • Fixed the owned and imported custom characters options not showing up in the universe group list sometimes.

  • Fixed bug that made all asterisks white if the three had the same color.

  • Fixed rainbow mode on darkworld style.

  • Fixed missing asterisk when no asterisk or character parameters are present.

  • Fixed colored characters not being able to be white.

  • Added black and white to all tabs in the color selector.

  • Fixed the color editor in the color modal which wasn't working for some devices.

  • Fixed layer order in text boxes (text will always be on top of sprites).

  • Fixed asterisks never showing up for characters that have them off by default.


  • Changed textbox placeholder icon for a "Loading..." text box.

  • Re-added many disabled random boxes, like the ones that call you by your username.

  • Made it so whenever you're not logged in or you don't have custom characters the options will still show but locked.

  • Added support for old links to the box stacker as the format changed in 9.0.0.

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