Our Minecraft server: Demilands

Demilands is our current Minecraft server, following its predecessors Spep Town and Spep Valley.

It used to be exclusive to members of our Discord server, but we have decided to open it up to the members of this website. However, being part of the Discord server still has some benefits like being able to talk between Minecraft and Discord, and in-server discussions.

It's a survival multiplayer with house protection (per request), a separate creative world, and another survival resource world with periodic wipes to ensure you can benefit from the features of newer versions without having to wipe our world.

It also has many plugins to enhance your experience but not break the original vanilla survival gameplay. Make sure to check the mechanics page to know what's different from vanilla!

How to play

Server info

Server address: demirramon.mcserver.us

Version: 1.20.2 - 1.20.4

Playable from Java and Bedrock editions.

  1. Press "multiplayer" on the main menu.

  2. Add a new server.

  3. Name it "Demilands" (or whatever you prefer) and paste the server address above.

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