This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v10.0.0


This update mostly focuses on QoL changes and a restructure of the API.
The most obvious changes are the new debug section (which will be very useful when trying to debug and fix an issue, for both you and I) and a bunch of new "auto" options in the menu.
Oh, and the new "all universes" and "everything" options, which will make searching and discovering built-in universes/characters a lot easier! On top of that, both the character and the expression dropdowns have an eye icon next to them that will let you search in a more visual way (including a text filter).



  • Advanced settings category.

    • Folded by default.

    • "Reload character data" button to reload character data (official and custom) without reloading the page.

    • Debug mode switch.

      • Shows "raw text data" field with the text as it's sent to the textbox script.

      • Shows "raw HTML data" field with the HTML contents of the text editor.

    • "Copy current selection" button to copy all the currently selected values into the clipboard.

  • Added a character selector button (:eye: icon). It works like the sprite selector but for characters.

  • Added "AUTO" option to the asterisk switch.

    • This option will use the character's default value, which is now highlighted.

  • Added "AUTO" option to the font selector.

    • This option will use the character's default font. The label will change to indicate the current character's default font.

  • Replaced the special case warning with a text transform selector.

  • Added new icons for the "none/custom" universe option.

  • Added "everything" option in the universe selector, which lists every built-in universe in the take selector.

  • When "everything" is selected, a new "all universes" option will show up in the take selector. This shows every single built-in character in the generator.

  • Added an "uncategorized" option for owned custom characters.

  • Added an "everything" option and options for every author for imported custom characters.

  • Improved the styles of the character and sprite selection pop-ups. Now only the items will scroll.

  • Added a text filter to the character and sprite selectors to find characters and expressions more easily. :sparkles:

  • Changed the magnifying glass icon for an eye icon in the character/sprite selector buttons.

  • Changing the text style before generating a box will trigger a random box in the current style.


  • Updated API from version 2 to version 3.

    • Added "api_version" parameter to use the previous version of the API.

    • Changed the group > universe > character structure. Now groups, universes, and characters are all at the JSON's root.

      • Groups now contain a list of the universe codenames and universes contain a list of the character codenames.

      • Characters still contain their sprites.

    • Deprecated the "expressions", "overworld", and "battle" keys in favor of a single "sprites" key containing "textbox", "overworld", and "battle".

    • Deprecated the "default_case" key in favor of the already available "case" key.

    • The codename for custom characters now contains the owner's username (username/char_codename).

    • Deprecated the "shown" and "locked" properties for universe groups, universes, and characters in favor of generator-specific properties like "shown_textbox", "shown_overworld", etc.


  • Added "cringe" expression for Queen (Deltarune).


  • Bugfix: the expression selector doesn't show colored sprites.

  • Bugfix: the text conversion function tries to change color for tags with empty color values.

  • Bugfix: the URL and file previews show an error when they are empty.

  • Bugfix: owned characters are not properly treated as owned.

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