This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v10.0.2


  • Many visual improvements to the box stacker interface.

  • Changelog pop-up now shows the update time in your local timezone.

  • Added buttons to the changelog pop-up to move between versions.

  • Added a "changelog" button next to "check for updates".

  • Removed the "changelog" tab from the bottom of the page.

  • Bugfix: the box stacker shows no asterisks if the "auto" option is selected.

  • Bugfix: the box stacker doesn't respect the selected font if it's set to "auto".

  • Bugfix: boxes in "whole box" mode do not change color.

  • Bugfix: pasting formatted text into the text editor also copies formatting, images, and other elements.

  • Bugfix: box stacker stops updating whenever asterisks are manually turned ON.

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