This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v2.5.0

  • Fixed a bug of Green Brand Underswap in Extra that made the generator not work.

  • Added Fallen Kingdom Papyrus.

  • Added tags to Fallen Kingdom Sans to make the expression list look better.

  • Added Classic Underfell Sans in Underfell.

  • When using the generator from external tools, character=underfell-(name) will no longer give Primus!Underfell characters. Use character=prunderfell-(name) instead.

  • Added new expressions to Sans (Undertale): blue eye and yellow eye.

  • Improved the automatic new line to prevent the words from being written too close to the border.

  • Revenge removed from Disbelief and added to its own group by request.

  • Fixed a bug in Jack's preview in Extra.

  • Fixed a bug in A-10's preview in Extra.

  • Removed the names of the AU and sprite creators from the lists.

  • Added a credits section at the bottom of the page to replace the names in the lists.

  • Changed the timer of the update checker from 10 seconds to a minute.

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