This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

UT text box gen v9.2.0


While working on 10.0.0 I realized the update didn't have enough new features to go with such a big number, so I decided to release this smaller update while I keep working on adding more things.

This update brings Ori to Crossovers, alongside a few bug fixes and some AU reorganizing.


  • Changed the way the title is handled (no more chrome-only zoom).

  • Added "Ori" by @RiveraMaxwell in the "Crossovers" group.

    • Includes 5 characters: Ori, Sein, Seir, KU, Naru, and Moki.

  • Renamed "extra people" in "extras" to "early supporters".

  • Renamed "extra characters" in "extras" to "misc characters".

  • Renamed "extra memes" in "extras" to "memes".

  • Moved "Demitale" to "other AUs".

  • Moved "Remembrance" to "other AUs".

  • Moved "Name the fallen" to "other AUs".

  • Bugfix: Undertale Remastered Papyrus has Determination as his default font.

  • Bugfix: the expression selector doesn't show colored sprites.

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