This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Ad reduction and optimisation (for real this time)



I have made some changes to the way ads display on the website. The anchored ads at the bottom of the page will no longer show up because I consider them rather annoying. I have also prevented ads from appearing in profile bios and other annoying spots.

Note for Adblock users: I respect your decision to block ads, but I want you to know that this site relies almost entirely on ad revenue to stay up. I'm doing my best to keep the ads the least annoying possible. Please consider whitelisting my website if you use it regularly and enjoy doing so.


I noticed there wasn't much difference in loading times after the last structural change, so I looked deeper into what makes the site load so slowly. It turns out I had a few significant issues (unrelated to the structural change) and after making some changes I managed to make it so pages will load in under one second as opposed to an average of three seconds.


  • Removed anchored ads at the bottom of the page (changes may take some time to apply).

  • Prevented ads from appearing in profile bios.

  • Added a lot of ad-free areas to prevent the page from being split by ads in awkward spots.

  • Pages now take under a second to generate.

  • Fixed formatting errors in the login link.

  • Fixed line breaks not displaying in news descriptions.

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