This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Comments v3 and profile updates

This update changes how the comments look and adds new functionalities to give you more control over your own comments!

It also added some changes regarding how roles/badges are handled, making the system more robust and allowing you to select a badge to display next to your username in comments.

Complete changelog below!


Comments (technical changes)

  • Improved the way long comments cut.

  • Prevented ads from appearing between comments.

Comments (visual changes)

  • Changed the commend ID link for a link icon (hovering reveals the ID).

  • New config menu for comments on the top right corner of the header.

    • Moved the edit button into the new menu.

    • Added an option to remove a comment (moderator-only).

    • Added an option to hide the contents of a comment (can be shown again).

    • Added an option to lock replies to a comment (can be unlocked).

  • Added a comments preferences button to change how the comments look and how many comments will load per page/thread.

Roles and profiles

  • Remade how roles work internally.

  • Changed the bio container type to avoid lists appearing outside.

  • Fixed issue with line breaks in bio.

  • The role list now loads dynamically.

  • Added a way to select which role to display in your profile.

  • Logging in no longer asks you where you want to be redirected.

  • Logging off now asks for confirmation.

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