This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Undertale Text Box and Character Editor changes!

The Undertale Text Box Generator 9.0.0 update was released 4 days ago. This update brought a los of changes and a complete rewrite of all the code, which ended up to a bunch of bugs. I've been working on squashing all of them since the release, and now 9.0.1 fixes all these issues!

Alongside these changes, some upgrades were made to the Undertale Character Editor. Codenames were added to overworld sprites for future proofing and all characters/sprites that didn't have codenames got one auto-generated. From now on, every character and sprite will get one when being saved even if you don't put it yourself.
The editor desperately needs a rewrite too, so expect that soon!


  • Fixed sprites not saving in the Undertale character editor.

  • Added codenames to overworld sprites.

  • Made it so codenames generate automatically for both the textbox and overworld sprites if they are empty, invalid, or duplicates.

  • Automatically generated codenames for every custom character without one to prevent issues.

  • Fixed names with quotes not displaying properly.

  • Moved sprite info to the top of the sprite sections and turned them into info boxes.

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