This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: New formatting codes, mentions and username changes

The text formatting for comments and bios has gone through a lot of changes! Two new formatting codes have been added, alongside @mentions (which will also notify users). Go check the new text formatting help page out to learn more!

There have also been changes regarding usernames. Up until now, any character that wasn't a space was allowed for usernames. This is causing a lot of trouble when implementing new features like mentions. For this reason, we have decided to limit the characters that will be allowed for new accounts to alphanumeric plus underscores (_) and dashes (-). Existing users with these characters in their username may have to change them eventually, but for now they will only get a warning when logging in.


Text formatting

  • Added a strikethrough tag.

  • Added a quote tag (with and without author).

  • Added mentions.


  • Limited new usernames to alphanumeric plus underscore and dash.

  • Added login warning for those who don't meet the requirements.


  • Added mention notifications (in threads you haven't replied to).

  • Bug fix: comments made before your first reply in a thread show up as notifications.

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