This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Notification overhaul, comments upgrades, friending, blocking, and much more!

Yep, that's a long title. There's no way I can condense what's in this update more than that.

The notification system has been redone completely. They no longer load "on the fly", they are now registered in the database. This means they won't mark as read automatically when you open the comments page! They will only do so when clicking on the notification, and you can even and mark them as read or not read whenever you want.
The notification list has also been remade and filters have been added.

There's a few changes in user profiles too. First of all: display names! You can now set a display name if you prefer something other than your current username.
You can also add users as friends (which doesn't do much right now, but will in the future) and even block users that are making your time in this website less enjoyable. If you block a user they will no longer see your comments and won't be able to interact with you at all.

Comments have been changed a bit as well! There's rules at the top of the page now, a quote button to make your lifes easier and many little QoL changes.
Mentions have been improved, usernames for new accounts have different rules (no more one-letter usernames or offensive words).
And more!

For more detailed information, check the changelog below!



  • Rewrote the notification system.

  • Notifications are no longer calculated on the fly, they are registered on the database now.

    • This means they will load faster and be more reliable.

  • Added a lot more specific titles for each origin/type combo of notification.

  • Notification counter will update every 30 seconds.

  • Added "mark as read" and "mark as unread" buttons.

  • Comments with hidden contents will show as such in their respective notifications.

  • Added notification filters.

    • Filter by all or unread only.

    • Filter by origin (comments, profile, undertale, news).

    • Filter by type (comment, reply, thread, mention, other).

User profiles

  • Added display names.

    • You can edit your display name anytime. Your username won't be affected.

  • Added friend button

    • There's currently no friends/requests list at the moment, you must accept them from your profile.

    • For now all it does it show an icon next to usernames in comments.

  • Added block button.

    • A blocked user will not be able to see your profile or interact with you.

    • Comment sections in your Undertale characters will be locked to blocked users.

    • Your comments will be hidden to each other.


  • Added rules at the top of the comments page.

  • Added quote button that will automatically generate quote code for the chosen comment.

  • Cut comments are now fixed on scroll.

  • Added display name on top of username (if set).

  • Aligned role labels better.

  • Added icon next to display names of your friends.

  • Made it so comment images show a loading icon if they take long.

    • If they fail to load they will show an unavailable image icon. They will display the original link next to the alt text (if any) on hover.

  • Comment images are now opened in full view with right click (or hold) instead of left click (or tap).


  • Emails and Fediverse handles will no longer be mistaken as mentions.

  • Mentions will not be created if the username doesn't exist.

  • Mentions now use the display name and show the username on hover.


  • Added a minimum length requirement of 3 characters.

  • Added a blocklist of offensive, and reserved usernames that are not allowed.


  • Changed flag in the language section for the translation icon.

  • Removed unnecessary automatic line breaks after some BB Code.

  • Fixed the colors for the role table in profiles.

  • Shortened and improved the text formatting help page.

  • Added better error messages to profile update errors.

  • New design for infoboxes.

    • They now look cleaner, use monochrome icons and adapt to light and dark mode.

    • You can check them out here.

  • Changed the usernames of certain users with a lot of problematic characters in them.

    • These users will be emailed with further instructions in case of disagreeing with this change.

  • Cleaned up the home page a little.

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