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Website: Following and muting comments, new formatting and nerfed improved quotes

I know I said I would take a break after the last update, but I can't help it. And here we are! This update addresses some of the problems that emerged from the update and a couple of extras.

You can now follow comments you haven't interacted with to get notifications anyway, and also mute comments you own or have replied to to stop getting notifications about them.

Quotes have changed too. People have been having fun creating eldritch abominations by nesting more than 60 quotes inside each other. As funny as it was, it resulted in severe performance issues for users and made them literally unreadable, so this update prevents that.

Also, comments now behave differently when replying or editing, some formatting codes have been added, etc. More info below!



  • Added "clear all" button to notifications list.

  • Added "following" type to the filters (more info on comments and formatting).

  • Opening a thread now marks all notifications related to it as read, not just the specific message you clicked on.

Comments and formatting

  • Improved how comments behave when replying or editing.

    • Instead of reloading in thread-only mode, the comments will visually update (with the current thread unfolded) and the selected comment will be smoothly scrolled into view.

  • Added "follow" and "mute" buttons to main comments.

    • If you already get notifications from the thread it will consider it as followed, you can mute it to change that.

    • Followed threads will notify you even if you normally wouldn't be.

    • Muted threads will not generate any notifications for you while muted.

  • 5 new formatting tags

    • [center], [left] and [right]: they create a block and center its contents horizontally.

    • [code]: creates a gray box where the tags inside are not converted.

    • [codeblock]: same as the previous, but as a full-width block. It also keeps spaces before text (for tabulation).

  • Quotes inside quotes will display in one line only (to prevent filling the screen up).

  • Quotes inside quotes inside quotes will NOT display at all (their code will not even be present in the message).


  • Registering a new user will now require a valid email.

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