This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Emoji and text formatting toolbars

Do you think BBCode is too time consuming? Do you struggle to remember the codes? Those days are over.
Introducing: the text formatting toolbar! Now comments, bios, and Undertale character descriptions come with their text formatting toolbar. This will let you place BBCode by pressing a button.

This toolbar also includes a brand new emoji picker! We have brought the [MSE]Mutant Standard Emoji[/MSE] to the website, which means emoji are no longer device-dependant. Anyone can use them and they will look the same no matter who sees them. Most regular emoji will also be automatically converted to Mutant Emoji, but this doesn't work 100% of the time because unicode is... complex.
Also, this emoji pack may be a bit different than what you're used to. Not all emoji are included yet (it's still being worked on), some are intentionally excluded (no country flags for example), and it also includes many extra non-standard emoji. Apart from that, it also has morphs that change the hand shapes into non-human variations. Try it out! :thumbs_up_paw_fk1:



  • Introduction of the Mutant Standard Emoji by Dzuk.

    • Emoji tags formatted :like_this: will turn into emoji if they match.

    • Regular emoji will also be converted to Mutant Emoji (most of the time).

Text formatting

  • Added text format toolbars

    • Full of formatting buttons that place BBCode for you.

    • Includes a new emoji picker!

      • Has emoji grouped in categories in the top bar.

      • The bottom bar has a search bar and tabs to select colors and morphs.

        • Colors change the color of all colorable emoji.

        • Morphs change the shape of the hands (human, paw, claw and hoof).

    • Help button to replace the text formatting help link.


  • New publish/edit comment interface.

    • Has a similar appearance to an already published comment.

    • Includes a text format toolbar.

    • Comment preview button.

  • Attempting to quote the last message of a thread will now warn you about it being unnecessary.

  • Fixed muting and following comments only working for the first user to do it.

  • Removed quote and edit buttons from comments with hidden contents.

  • You can no longer post a new comment (not a reply) in thread-only mode.

  • Implemented a fix for devices that couldn't see the "show more" buttons in shortened comments.


  • Added text format toolbar to user bios.

  • Added text format toolbar to Undertale character descriptions.

  • Fixed the mobile scroll bug (you would scroll the menu and the page behind it at the same time).

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