This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: The gallery, about me, and Minecraft update

This update consists of many improvements to the galleries (gallery, series, generators, user content, and admin tools), a total remake of the About Me page, and the addition of the Minecraft section in the gallery!

Galleries 2.0

The galleries looked fine, but the way they were made wasn't the best. So I remade them! They are now more responsive, have update indicators, and you can even change the way they are displayed with the new display mode buttons.
Also, the series list has received a cleanup! All pages are now translatable (they were English-only before) and the "Unknown series" has been replaced with... Chains of Fate!

The About Me page

For a long time, I didn't really like how the About Me page looked. Especially the contact/socials section, it was... really ugly. So I decided to remake it completely too!
It now has a little summary of who I am, my complete story as a content creator, and a brand new contact/socials section that looks much better and goes straight to the point.


Yes, Minecraft! We had our own Minecraft server in the Discord server for a while, and I decided it was time to share it with all of you. If that interests you, go check it out!

New badges

The role/achievement badges have been remade! Some were inconsistent with each other, so I decided to fix that while remaking them (while making sure it's not gonna happen again in the future).
Also, badges will now show up as silhouettes next to your name in comments. I believe this makes them blend in better.

And more!

Many little things were changed in this update too. To know all about it, check the change list below!


Gallery and lists

  • Remade gallery lists (gallery, series, generators, admin tools, and user content).

    • They will look mostly the same, but be more responsive.

    • Added update markers for list entries. They will light up when a website update has changed one of the entries or, in the generators' case, when a new version of the generator is released.

    • Added view modes. The first three buttons change the size of the thumbnails (responsive/big/small) and the other two change how they are displayed (rows/columns).

  • Cleaned up the series list.

    • Added translations to every series page.

    • Added "Chains of Fate" to replace the "Unknown series" entry.

  • Added the current version of the generators at the corner of their thumbnails.

  • New "Minecraft" entry in the gallery (more info below).


  • Total remake of the about me page.

    • Now contains my story as a content creator, divided by chapters. These are folded by default.

    • Social media and contact methods section has been remade in a new less cluttered and better looking style.

Navigation bar and mobile menu

  • The buttons will now light up when a list entry (gallery/generators) has been updated.

  • The home page now shows the only title, date, and number of changes of the most recent 3 updates. You can read the whole thing by clicking on their titles.

Our Minecraft server: Demilands

  • New entry in the gallery that contains info about our Minecraft server and how to play in it.

    • Rules: lists the server rules and has a little form to agree to them.

    • Demilands passport: allows you to sign up to gain access to the server.

    • New mechanics, commands, and economy: learn what changes from vanilla Minecraft.

    • Live world map: Google Maps-like view of the server worlds in real time.

Roles and achievements

  • All badges have been remade in a simpler and more consistent style.

  • Badges in comments are now silhouettes.

  • Added the "Demilands Citizen" badge.

Other changes

  • Undertale character pages no longer breaks if the codename is wrong.

  • Pages with very little content now stretch vertically to fill the screen.

  • The page icon now has a red circle when there are unread notifications.

  • Emoji are larger inside the emoji picker.

  • Level 3+ titles are now darker (or brighter in dark mode).

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