This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: First update of 2024! (comments, emoji, and embeds)

Here we are, the first update of the year!

This update improves how the comments look, updates the emoji to their latest versions (which includes a redesign of many of them, by the way!), fixes a couple of things in the profiles, and changes some URLs to make things easier!
If you want to know more, check the changelog below.

Now, I will focus on the Undertale sections of the site again. The character browser and editor desperately need some love, and the Overworld Mockup Generator also needs to get on the Text Box Generator v9.0.0's level.


New URLs

  • User profiles can now be viewed from /@{username} (for example, www.demirramon.com/@Kean).

  • User content can now be accessed from /user_content.

  • Undertale character links have changed to /user_content/undertale_character/{username}/{char_codename}.

  • The Undertale public character browser is now at /user_content/undertale_browse.

  • All old URLs can still be used, but the new ones look cleaner and are easier to remember.


  • The user badge is now aligned with the display name.

  • Display names are no longer able to go under the comment buttons.

  • Usernames are now always visible and begin with a @ symbol.

  • If a user is your friend, the friend icon will be next to their username.

  • Moved publish and edit date to the comment
  • footer.
  • Improved long comment trimming behaviour.


  • Updated Mutant Emoji to version 2023.12.

    • Some shortnames have been changed in this version. Comments containing these have been updated.

    • Image size has been upgraded from 32px to 128px.

  • Updated Neocat Emoji to version 1.1.

  • Updated Neofox Emoji to version 1.3.

  • Updated Drgn Emoji to version 3.0.


  • Maximum uploaded picture size for profile pictures has changed from 100px to 256px.

  • Fixed spacing between the profile picture and display names on profiles.

  • Added a maximum size for the bio of 75% of the screen height. If bigger, it will be scrollable.

  • Limited bios to 1.000.000 characters.


  • Embeds for Discord and social media now have new thumbnails and descriptions, alongside better formatting.

  • Fixed OP's name for Undertale and profile comment notifications.

  • Added Resonite to the contact section of the About Me page.

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