This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Settings refresh (username changes, account deactivation, and more!)

This update mostly focuses on doing a cleanup of the settings page. It may not look too different from before, but its behaviour has been improved. Apart from that, you can now change your username (only once every 3 months though) and even deactivate your account. I'm finally free from doing those things myself :neofox_sob:

There have also been a few visual improvements, one bugfix (woah) and file uploads now support the webp format!



  • Updating your settings now only reload the page if you change your theme.

  • You can now change your email on the same page through a pop-up.

  • You can now change your username once every 3 months.

  • Added an option in the privacy settings to show or hide your previous usernames on your public profile (if any).

  • Added a button to deactivate your account, locking all your user content in the process.

User profiles

  • User profiles now display their previous usernames under their current one if they changed it before.

  • Contact email now displays in the same format as the bio.

  • The list of official content for the Undertale generators (for official spriters) is now organized per AU and collapsed by default.

Other visual changes

  • Unread news now have a notification circle to the left of their title.

  • The news page now displays news just like the home page (no description, only date and number of changes).

  • Quotes in shortened comments are also shortened now.

  • Fixed the appearance of highlighted comments.


  • File uploads now support the webp format.

  • Bugfix: the spriter role is removed every time a user deletes a character.

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