This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Better login, improved profiles, comment privacy, and friends.

First of all, massive thanks to @Kean for carrying out most of the development for this update. I've been very busy and he has been a MASSIVE help.

This update brings many QOL improvements! The first you will probably notice is how the login and register pop-ups have changed. They look slightly different and will now remember your username whenever you input a wrong password.

Introducing... profile themes! You can now select a specific theme to show on your profile. By default, this will be the same as the theme you're using to view the site. On top of that, you can now configure if you will see these or holiday themes at all.
Speaking of profiles, they have received a new look as well! User page sections are now displayed in tabs, which will make navigating them easier and more customizable, and now you can choose which sections will be visible on your profile. Also, your display role is now shown in a box under your username and changes without the need for an "update display role" button.

Comment privacy is here! When commenting on a user profile, you can now set comments as private. This will make it so that only you and the page owner will be able to see that thread. Mentions inside these threads will not notify anyone else either. Users will be able to choose if they allow private comments, if only friends can comment on their profile, and if only friends can make private comments on their settings.

And speaking of friends, friend requests have their own page now! Your user drop menu (or mobile menu) will have a new "friends" button. This will show the number of pending friend requests too. The notification counter on desktop will count friend requests, but they won't show up on the notifications page nor next to the notifications link. On mobile, if all your notifications are friend requests, the menu button will be different.
From the new friends page you will be able to manage your current friends, the friend requests you sent to other users, and the incoming friend requests. You can also "ignore" friend requests so they won't count as notifications but are not rejected either. Maybe you need more time to think about it, but don't like having a pending request on your face all the time.

And last but not least... new switch and radio styles. This is only a visual change, but I think it looks neat.
Radio buttons will now look a bit different when selected: the smaller inner circle will be pushed in and the outer circle will be colored to match your theme. As radio buttons are supposed to imitate the buttons you would push in on radios (hence the name radio button) I believe this style matches its origin better than adding a black dot inside while selected. They are also animated!
We also added switches! Everyone seems to have these nowadays and to be honest... they look neat. It's better than the aberrations some are doing to checkboxes lately, like... round checkboxes. (shivers)
Switches have replaced checkboxes in many places, like your settings and the Undertale character editor. They are also used for the new options added to user profiles. I hope you like them!

Oh, and how could I forget... New languages have been released!
These languages have been cooking for a long while, and since they are all above 30% completion rate I have decided to release them. Keep that in mind, they are not complete yet. Anything not translated in that language will be displayed in English.
They are the following: French, Ukrainian, and Russian. We also have other languages in the oven like Italian, Catalan and Dutch, but they are still too incomplete to release. If anyone wants to lend a hand translating the website to another language... let me know!

There are also some misc changes, but I don't want to make this longer than it already is. Check the changelog to know about every single change included on this update!

And one last time... thank you so much for everything you have done for this update Kean. For real, 90% of this was his work. If you like this update let him know!



  • The login and register pop-ups now have the labels on top of the text inputs, allowing bigger inputs.

  • The login pop-up will remember your username/email after typing a wrong password.

  • Bugfix: pop-ups sometimes forcefully scroll the page when showing up.

  • Bugfix: some texts are not translated.


  • Added profile theme selector.

  • Added option to turn holiday themes off.

  • Added option to turn profile themes off.


  • Profiles will show a user-defined theme if allowed in your settings.

  • Added display role tag under username.

  • Moved the different sections of user profiles into tabs to toggle between them, except the comments.

    • The owner will see a switch inside the tabs to show/hide them from other users.

  • Your display role will update automatically when you select it on the badges table, no longer needing an "update display role" button.


  • Added a friends list on your user menu.

    • This page is split into three tabs: friends, requests you have sent, and incoming friend requests.

    • You can view and remove friends from the friends list.

    • You can cancel your own requests from the outgoing request list.

    • You can accept, reject, and ignore requests from the friend request list.

    • Ignored requests will not count towards the notification count, but they can still be interacted with if shown.

  • Friend requests add to the total number of notifications but are not displayed on the notifications page.

  • The number of pending friend requests is displayed inside the new friends button on the menu.

  • On mobile, the menu icon will change to display the kind of pending notifications (comments/requests).


  • Added a switch under the new comment interface to make a comment private. This will make it so only the author and the profile owner will be able to see it and reply to it.

  • Added comment privacy status between the comment header and body for private comments.

  • Private comments won't send notifications for mentions of users who can't see them.


  • New switch style to replace checkboxes. Can be seen on user profiles, the settings page, and the custom character editor.

  • New radio button style. Applied the new radio button style to the badges table on your profile.

  • Changed the update notification circle on the nav, mobile menu, and galleries to have the color of the current theme.


  • The beta site favicon is now tinted yellow.

  • The beta site now has BETA on its title.

  • The language switch pop-up now shows a percentage of how much of the site is translated to every language.

  • Non-public languages (only visible to translators) now have [BETA] on their title.

  • Three new languages: French, Ukrainian, and Russian.

  • Anchor ads have been removed.

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