This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: The April 2021 update is here!

It's finally here, the 2021 update!

... well, the April 2021 update. This shit took 4 more months than what I expected at first. But to be fair, this is the biggest update I ever made to the website at once.

In a few days, you will receive a more detailed newsletter about all the changes (if you enabled so in your settings), but for now, here's a simplified list of the changes.


Visual changes

  • New favicon - Instead of the Demirramon logo from over a decade ago, you can now see the site's mascot: Demi!
    This new favicon will also look better in high density displays and in shortcuts for mobile devices.

  • No more custom cursor - We say goodbye to the custom cursor. You will be missed. (Or not, according to most users.)

  • New nav - The previous navigator was a bit too cluttered. It is a lot simpler and has everything you will need.

  • New banner - The header banner is now slightly different too, and we hope you like it better.

  • New notification alert - When there's something new somewhere you will now see a small pulsating circle in a corner of the button leading to it.

  • Custom windows - The website will use custom alert windows fron now on. Say goodbye to the default browser alerts! They will also be used for logins and language switches.

Improvements in the comments

  • No more separation by language - The comments page will now display ALL comments.

  • Direct links - You are now able to link directly to a spefic comment or thread! Every comment now has its ID in a corner.

Undertale custom character stuff

  • Rating system update - the voting options has been reduced to like and dislike. Due to the misuse of the "stolen" option, these votes will no longer be counted.

  • Character list loading times improved - it used to take up to 10 seconds to load, so the page was rewritten to have normal load times.

  • Codename support and pretty urls - custom characters will now have codenames that will make the URLs prettier. More uses coming soon!

  • Edit button - to make things easier, you will now get an edit button in public character pages if you own it.

  • New AU submission page - The AU submission page has been completely redone! Updated rules and updated submission form based on custom characters.

Profile improvements

  • Separated the public profile from the personal settings - they were both in the same page, and it didn't make sense, so we split them.

  • Dynamic public profile - profiles are now editable on the spot by the owner.

  • Improved email/password change - these pages were old and didn't work well. They have been updated to work better than before.

  • Username link goes to your public profile - it will no longer bring you directly to your settings.

  • Better mail verification - the email verification process has been improved in many ways, specially when trying to verify it when your session is closed.

  • New badge icons - we decided to update the icons from the previous pixelated style to higher-definition ones.

Theme stuff

  • Optimization - themes no longer load multiple style files, the main style sheet will be dynamically generated instead.

  • Colored buttons - they will now change color according to the selected theme instead of being always blue.

  • New themes - Pink, Black/cyan and Vaporwave.

Other changes

  • About me page updated - the page has been slightly improved and old icons have been replaced by the official logos of every page.

  • Improved mail notifications - they have been redone to add a few quality of life changes. On top of that, comment notifications will all have direct links to the comment itself so you can reply to it or read all the replies easily.

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