This is a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.

Website: Comments and BBCode improvements

A few changes have been implemented to the comments to make things better for everyone. Also, you can now make lists with BBCode.



  • If images load too slowly, the "read more" button will show up as soon as they finish loading (no more cut comments).

  • Images can be clicked on to display the full picture in a new tab.

  • Expanding and then hiding the replies of a comment will scroll back up to the original comment after hiding them.

  • When replying to a comment it will now reload it as a thread.

  • Threads will have all of their comments visible from the start.

  • Max length of a comment lowered to 5000 characters to prevent endless spammy messages.

  • If more than 5 consecutive like breaks are detected in a comment they will be automatically removed to prevent long empty comments.


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