Welcome to my website!

This is my little corner on the internet.

In this place, I will display my creations, art, stories, tools/applications, and everything else I've done under the name of Demirramon (or Demi for short).

My goal is to make it as easy to find and use as I can, providing a nice user experience.

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Desktop user menu, new emoji, and user content improvements


This update brings some previously mobile-only menu buttons to the desktop navigation bar. If you hover over your username, a new drop menu will show up. Alongside the options already available for mobile, the new "user content" option has been added! And for translators, AU admins and moderators, you can now access the admin tools from the same menu as well.

When moving the Undertale content pack page to the new location I noticed it had a lot of things that needed to be fixed. I optimized the load time (up to 8 times faster), fixed a couple of bugs and changed the styles a little to make it more usable on mobile. This is not final, though, as it needs a total redesign. Maybe in a future update.

New emoji categories have been added too! They contain a bunch of fun animal-based emoji. The Mutant Standard Emoji pack has been updated too, with 8 updated emoji and a new one (gay man flag).


Desktop navigation bar

  • New user drop menu.

    • Hover over your username under the navigation bar to reveal the user menu.

    • Contains the options previously only available under your username on the mobile menu.

    • User content (just for Undertale content packs at the moment).

    • Admin tools (if the user has permissions for any).

  • Changed the user icon next to your username for your profile picture.

  • Removed link in your username (moved to the "public profile" user menu link).

  • Replaced log out icon and link for a menu icon (moved to the "log out" user menu link).

Mobile menu

  • Added the new "user content" and "admin tools" desktop user menu options to the mobile menu.

  • Fixed a bug that made the menu not scroll properly.

Undertale content packs and character editor

  • Moved pages to a new URL inside the new "user content" page.

  • Optimized the page to load up to 8 times faster.

  • Made some changes to the styles to make it more usable on mobile.

  • Made it translatable to other languages.

  • Fixed bug that made underscores not valid for codenames.


  • 5 new emoji categories by Volpeon

    • :neocat: Neocat

    • :neofox: Neofox

    • :drgn: Drgn

    • :gphn: Gphn

    • :vlpn: Vlpn

  • Updated mutant emoji to version 2023.10.

    • 1 new emoji

      • :gay_man_flag: (gay man flag) gay_man_flag

    • 8 updated emoji

      • :watch: (watch) watch

      • :laptop: (laptop) laptop

      • :computer: (computer) computer

      • :tv: (TV) tv

      • :phone: (phone) phone

      • :phone_with_arrow: (phone with arrow pointing to it) phone_with_arrow

      • :phone_vibrate: (vibrating phone) phone_vibrate

      • :phone_off: (phone turned off) phone_off

  • Fixed emoji picker text filter performance issues.

  • Emoji and mentions now respect "code" and "codeblock" tags.


  • Added a star icon for admins and a shield icon for moderators next to mentions.

To see older news, you can go to their own page.

What can I do here?

At the moment, the most used feature of the website is the Undertale/Deltarune text box generator. However, coupled with other kinds of generators, the website has diverse features.

You can create your own profile, post comments on the comments page, public profiles, and user-made content, make friends, post and share your own content... you name it.
There's always something new to do coming up!

I'm always open to suggestions. If you want to suggest something, report a bug, ask a question, etc. feel free to do so in my profile (@Demi ) or in the support forum in our Discord server.
At least until our forums are set up, of course.

Everything on my website, from images to scripts used, is of my property.
All external content is properly credited, like at the footer of the page.
Content published by users belongs to their respective owners, not me.