Welcome to my website!

This is the website where I'm going to permanently unite all my creations and/or links to them. Everything will be in the same place as an easy-to-find collection, and be as understandable as possible.

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Privacy Policy


As you may have noticed, a privacy policy pop up is now showing up the first time you visit the site.

I know, it's annoying. I personally hate them. If I had a choice I wouldn't have added it, but Google Adsense is forcing me. I hope it's not too invasive, and I pray that I will never have to add a "we use cookies" stupid banner.

If it really really bothers you you're free to use AdBlock software. Ads help support the website, but it's your choice.

Also, kind of unrelated, but the BBCode help page has been updated to adapt to dark mode.

Avatar fixes


After a long time of mysterious issues when uploading avatars and fix attempts... I have finally found it.

Turns out I didn't take into account user IDs being 5 figures lol.


  • Fixed avatar URL limit being too low.

To see older news, you can go to their own page.

What can I do here?

At the moment, the most used feature of the website is the Undertale/Deltarune text box generator. However, coupled with other kinds of generators, the website has diverse features.

You can create your own profile, post comments on the comments page, public profiles and user-made content. Or, you can try to find Kean*, who might randomly show up as you browse the site. There's also plans for friend requests, direct messages/private chats, and more.

At the moment, the rest of the website is purely informative. If you have any questions or suggestions for the website, you're welcome to join our Discord server.

Everything in my website, from images to scripts used, are of my property. If I ever use anything that's not mine, I'll make sure to credit the original authors.

*This attribute of the site is currently disabled until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.