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This bio is still under construction! Things are subject to change, and some things may be added!

Well hey there, old friend!

Before you ask, no, this is not an official alt of smg1/KiwiKid. This is unofficial.

Yes, I did just take smg1’s pfp and added noise to it.

”My name? Kris, maybe.”
You see, the joke is that KiwiKid removed that part that made finding out what their actual name was difficult, just like I did here, as the name was previously saying "Caleb" instead of "Kris"
I have no knowledge of what kind of being I am or who I even am.
Look both ways before dying.

Cool song I made!

I like making music.
I’m not the best at programming or art.
(i can’t even make pong properly lol)

Always up for a roleplay or two!

Gender: Eldritch god male
Pronouns: yes.

no i’m not sending a link to my yt account



  • @OverMaster (if you know, you know)
  • @UnderMaster - absolutely not my main

    • @UnderMasterAltList - I’m gonna go ahead and shoutout three of my personal favourite UM alts. also why does this guy have so many alts what the fu

      • @The-Wild-Express - honestly, i loved the idea of combining SMG4’s WOTFI 2023 (i think?) and The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog together. it’s kind of a childish idea, but it would’ve been cool. too bad it was so short-lived…

      • @ELU!Timelines - Even though they do nothing in the comments, this alt has a HUGE bio with all sorts of timelines, including UT and other games but with ELUDARNET characters! it’s pretty cool to think about what these timelines would be like

      • @MessagesThatNeverExisted - this one’s a pretty interesting idea. hopefully this one posts again soon… maybe UM’s just too lazy, i dunno.

  • @smg1 - he was pretty cool back then, and he’s LITERALLY the one who made ELUDARNET as a whole; ELUDARNET being where (almost) all RPs in Demi’s Hideout take place. however, he has evolved into something greater…

    • @Natt - the second coolest guy in the underground! too bad he’s not here often. also makes funny and super cool RPs, worth RPing with if it’s your first time!

  • @Mailbox_Demons - Very cool cosplayer and roleplayer! was pretty good at art, and they gave me an interest (which was, however, short-lived, especially since they left) in Inverted Fate, but is unfortunately gone and probably not coming back at this point. they were part of what might’ve been the best era of this website so far. we’ve gotten close, though…

  • @MAUS, Mimic and Final Judge of sprites. - IS A COOL DUDE! Also, very good roleplayer. gives a familiar vibe though…

  • @Sanstheskeleton96 - fun to RP with, can make some banger RPs sometimes! unfortunately, they’re next to not active at all nowadays.

  • @YourNightlyDesires¹³⁺ - I doubt the mention works. also don’t ask why the grammar is so inconsistent, idk either.

  • @Goofbread - cool person, makes cool art. now that may not sound like much but i tell ya, this person has to be in my top 5 at least

  • @Aktër, The Tlívuḿ God-King - cool person, made me regain an interest in DDLC, is basically a reincarnation (i say reincarnation because the two are very different but give off a similar vibe) of @Mailbox_Demons, and even shouted out me. quite possibly the third coolest guy in the underground.

  • @Away for a while - either he’s tied with @Aktër, The Tlívuḿ God-King, or he’s the fourth coolest guy in the underground, though a very close fourth. he occasionally makes textbox stacks that have some clever comedy sometimes! plus, his characters are very memorable and their associated textbox sprites are fun to mess with. Unfortunately, @Away for a while will be gone on an LDS mission until around 2026. Go wish him luck for me. (i already have, just saying you should too)

  • @Silly Transfem Bat - A good relic from the past, present, and probably future. i have a good time when they’re on, to be honest. probably tied with @Goofbread, idk

  • @PICKELZ - seems to be a pretty good roleplayer, and likes using textboxes. i think he’s pretty fun to be around. nothing much else to talk about them, haha.
  • (need more) (actually maybe i don’t need more)

Honorable mentions:
cooldude - though can make some fun RPs, is ironically the least coolest dude in this website. despite this, i still don’t think of them as my enemy or something.
DEADMAN68687 - he’s not necessarily as bad as cooldude99, but he’s not as interesting besides a few things, no offence. still nice to have around though, i guess. and anyways, it’s better to have someone than to have no one, am i right lads, or am i right lads?

Anti-shoutouts(idea stolen from @Silly Transfem Bat):

  • cooldude99_2 - using alts to get around blocks is NOT cool. like, what the fuck.

  • jaidenxjosh - if you know, you fucking know.

Leave a comment down below! Or don’t. It’s your choice.

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