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Undertale Text Box Generator help page

In this section you will find all you need to use the generator at its fullest and to solve any errors you might have found.

There's also a list of all the avaliable universes with descriptions of all the takes you can use in the generator.

Table of contents


How do I color the text?

Most of the coloring options are in the menu: box color, sprite color, first asterisk color... but to color the text (and other asterisks that aren't the first one) you will need to use some simple color tags.

The most simple way is to use color=(name of the color without spaces) to start a color, and color=white to reset it.
For example, writing Adding color=orange colors color=white is so easy! give the following result:

You can also use HEX colors. "color=#9445c1 Custom colors are allowed!" would result in this:

The asterisks (except the first one) will be colored depending on the selected color.

To prevent this, you must add color=white right before you add the new line and color=(name) once more right after it:

color=blue This text is blue. color=white
color=blue However, the asterisks are white.

You can also do the opposite to color the asterisks: start a color at the end of the line and reset it at the start of the next one.

Can I change the color without adding spaces?

No. What you can do, however, is removing the space added when you change the color, which is basically the same. You just have to add text=join before or after you change the color to remove the space that's usually added there. This way you can change colors without adding spaces, but you can also use it for many other things.

How do I use custom sprites?

First of all, if that wasn't obvious, you need to make a sprite. Use any program you'd like to do it and search for tutorials if you need it.
Then go to the generator and select "None / custom" in the universe list. After that, select "Custom" in the character list and a text input will replace the expression dropdown. Use the "upload image" button at the top of the page to upload an image and get the link for it. Copy the link and paste it inside of the new input.

Can I save my characters somewhere?

Yes, you can! You need to create an account in the website, though. After you do, you will see a button at the top of your settings saying something like Custom utgen character editor.
All the characters added there will show up when selecting the "Your characters" option at the bottom of the Universe list. It won't show up if you're not logged in and have at least one character.

My custom sprite is blurry, why?

If the picture is too big, the generator will attempt to resize it so it fits into the box. This can be avoided by using small sprites, like this one. To get the best results, use a sprite with 1:1 pixel scale, without any kind of zoom, as the text box is created in a 1:1 scale and then resized to 2:1 after it's done. The maxium size of the sprite is 67x70, but I recommend to make it smaller or it won't look really good. This image is the maxium size.

My sprite isn't working, it says "format not supported"

Only PNG, JPG and GIF are supported. If you use a GIF, only the first frame will be used. I strongly advise against using for sprites jpg because of its compression. You should never save a sprite in JPG format.

My sprite won't change its color

Only images with indexed colors (a pallete) can be colored. If you don't know how to do that, just save it as a GIF. The white color (or the most similar to white) will be colored into the one you select.

An error message shows up instead of generating the box, what do I do?

If that happened, it probably is because you did something you shouldn't. For example, if you put a link that isn't a image when using a custom character, it's going to crash.
However, if you didn't do anything weird and you see an error, write me a comment or try to get in contact with me. I'm really grateful about bug reports.

Future updates

I usually get a lot of suggestions for the generator from its users. For that reason, I have a channel in my Discord server with a list of what I will (and what I won't) add in the future. As many users aren't in the server, I figured out I should add that list somewhere in this site.

To be aware of what's going to be added (or not) in future updates, check out the Trello.

Alternate Universes

The Undertale fandom created lots of Alternate Universes, in which the story of Undertale is altered in many ways: role shifts, personality swaps, or even completelly new story and characters happening in the Underground, or even the surface, or outer space.
This section will include a brief explanation of all the AUs avaliable in the generator.

If you don't select any AU, you will be able to create a box without a character or using a custom picture.


The original Undertale cast.




Four Suits

Four suits is a Deltarune AU where there's four different kingdoms. There's no mention of the knight or the queen, the card castle is the spade castle, gaster-related stuff is gone and Kris never rips their soul off at the end of chapter one. The AU focuses on Lancer's cousins and their family. Each one lives in a different kindgom, and from chapter two the protagonists would continue going through them.



Underswap+ is a project that seeks to become what Underswap could have been if its creator didn't stop its development. It follows most of Underswap's canon and attempts to fill the parts that were never talked about in the official blog before being deleted to complete the original AU.

All the avaliable info about the canon of Underswap is written in this document.

Team Switched Underswap

Team Switched is the team behind the most popular Underswap fangame. In their interpretation of the AU, the personality of the characters remains almost intact. Instead of swapping some traits of their personality, they simply adapt to their new roles. The story is heavily changed from Undetale and many new areas and plot elements are added.

You can learn more about TS!Underswap in their GameJolt page or their page in the Undertale AU Wiki (the good AU wiki).

Keep in mind that the game was not released yet and many things were not revealed yet.

Fanon Underswap

Fanonswap is what I call the fandom interpretation of Underswap, which has became so distant from the canon AU that I consider it a completelly different AU.

The most affected characters are Sans (Blueberry) and Papyrus (Carrot), that's why they are the only characters of this "universe". Sans in much more hyperactive than his Classic Underswap version, and portrayed as younger by most. Papyrus is like Undertale Sans, but even worse. He is sometimes portrayed as a weed smoker many times in this interpretation.

A2E Underswap

Underswap interpretation that, as oposed to Underswap+, seeks imitating Toby Fox's style in its sprites, along with some variations in the original canon.

Green Brand Underswap

Underswap interpretation with sprites from Green.


Classic Underfell

Many people argue this was the first Undertale AU ever made. In Underfell, as opposed to Undertale, the monsters are evil because their moralities are reversed: who was good now is bad and backwards. They were sealed underground because of how cruel they were. They have edgy and menacing designs, and most of them are violent or insane. Their sprites are usually made in black and red instead of the usual black and white.
There's no defined plot for this AU. The creator only made the designs for the characters and the base idea for the AU, and loves to see everyone's own headcanons.

You can learn more about this interpretation of Underfell in the creator's blog or the Undertale AU Wiki's Underfell page.

A2E Underfell

Underfell interpretation with Addicted2Electronics' sprites.

Primus Underfell

Primus is the team behind the Underfell fangame. In their game, the underground is a much darker and twisted place than in the original Undertale, similar to the classic version of the AU. However, none of the original designs were used, in favor to brand new (and less edgy) designs. It will be released in a chapter format.

While sharing the base idea, it will be really different from the original and the fandom's interpretation. There's no "route swapping" (as some fan interpretations had). The events before the death of Chara and Asriel are the same than in Undertale, but after their death Asgore became remorseful and locked himself for hundreds of years, leaving the Underground without a ruler and causing a long period of anarchy, chaos and suffering due to not having laws to follow.

No characters changed from the original Undertale, but the world around them shaped their personalities differently.

You can learn more about Primus' Underfell in their GameJolt page or their page on the AU Wiki.

Shaded Ground

Once upon a time, two races lived peacefully on Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. They had a war, and the monsters lost, as per usual. Asgore was humiliated by the human general, Axiome and their empowering numbers of army men, with magic nullifiers and bombs being of use in their side of the racial clash. The monsters, only having magic usage, were decimated by the numbers, and thrown into the Underground savagely. The King was clearly crestfallen about their loss. The King and Queen soon after had Asriel to carry on their legacy.

Years later, the monsters - ironically - prospered under the shades of Mt. Ebott. While many were thirsty to regain the sun's light, others were content with this new-found living space, as there were not too many people so things weren't crowded, and decided to make use of it rather than be pessimistic of their fortune. They established a new system of currency and the people gained hope for a brighter future. However, the "many" did not appreciate this outcome, and decided to make an undercover human-hunting team. They trained together and soon a "strong over the weak" mindset came about. A rowdy bunch they were, but they never showed themselves in public until they were sure of their soon-to-be freedom in overpowering the king. Meanwhile, as Asriel grew up he learned to become a bit punkish himself, being spoiled a bit as his parents wanted what was best for him in the circumstances they were in.

When Asriel was fourteen, Chara came along. Asriel, of course, noticed them on a stroll to the golden flowers himself, and helped them to the castle, where the King and Queen were still happy. They gladly accepted Chara as their second adoptive child. Asriel, however, wasn't as pleased about this outcome. He saw his parents loving Chara as much as he, and due to that he was only getting half of what he'd gotten fourteen years before to now.

Thus, he didn't really like Chara all that much. Because of this, he bullied Chara around a little bit, and Chara secluded himself from Asriel as a result. One time, Chara was pushed over the edge by one of Asriel's schemes, and ate the buttercups that led to the original Chara's demise. Asriel, shocked, tried to stop Chara, but before he could make Chara stop he later found out the poison was too lethal, and Chara died. Asriel, feeling bad that he had essentially killed Chara, took their SOUL himself and, as a part of Chara's last wish, took their body and SOUL with him to the Surface. He told neither Asgore or Toriel where he was going, so they thought he had gotten ambushed somewhere and searched fervently through the Underground for him.

Asriel, on the Surface, met the humans of the human village as usual. They called him a murderer, and prepared to attack. While normally this would only shock Asriel, their remarks weren't wrong, yet Asriel was still upset by said remarks, and was prepared to fight back. However, Chara was the one who refused to let Asriel fight back, and in a way this was retribution for his killing Chara, but at the same time Chara would not get their wish. Asriel's HP dropped, and in shambles, he retreated, and sent word to a nearby Froggit to go get his parents once he finally came back. They were in Waterfall at the time of Asriel's demise, and word was only given to them then.

Asgore was enraged to find out that his son had died, and Toriel was basically crying her eyes out. Neither of the two were happy about this outcome... and who could have attacked the king at such a time than the undercover group. They surged in, pummeling the guards who guarded the castle and attacked Asgore. Asgore ultimately snapped, and in a fit of rage, told Toriel to escape the premises, and as she did, he unleashed his trident and let loose on all of the undercover monsters for the demise of his son. Dust scattered the air like fireflies, as the traitors were undeniably erased from his sight on the spot. Asgore even had his Level of Violence rise as the result of this outburst... and at last, his rage turned into sadness, as he broke down. Toriel, minutes after the fight ended, came back to see Asgore, trembling, shaken, and utterly in shock. Toriel did what she could to console him, but Asgore was insistent on letting this be the end. He eventually decided that if the people were to rebel against him, he should not show mercy any longer. Toriel tried to talk him out of it but it was no use. This in mind, Toriel retreated to the Fallen Ruins... and the rest was history.



Alternate genocide timeline where Sans dies saving Papyrus' life, making him the final boss instead.

Underswap Disbelief

The same scenario as Disbelief, but in the universe of Underswap.

Sudden Changes


Monster Friends


Broken Memories

Broken Memories is an AU where Frisk had destroyed Undertale's code, forcing the game to factory reset. Because of this forced reset different events took place, and the Underground was shaped into a less happy tone.

This caused Chara's death to never happen, but rather being stopped by Asgore and Toriel as Asriel had warned them about their plan. After that, the Dreemurrs kept adopting human children, and also Toriel gave birth to a biological child.
However, when the 4th human fell down, they turned out to not be as firendly as the previous. They slain countless monsters, and thus showing the world the real power of DETERMINATION and the power of RESETting.
Undyne, a brave hero, sacrifed her SOUL to save the world.
A wife became a widow. A son lost their mother. A daughter had to bury his own mom's ashes.
Then, one of the Dreemurrs' adoptive children and Asgore's biological daughter crossed the barrier and met a cruel fate. So Asriel and his human brother declared war to humanity in the surface to make sure the monsterkind could live in peace in the underground for the following centuries.

Name The Fallen





Classic Tubertale





Spongetale is a crossover AU where Spongebob characters replace the Undertale ones.

Steamed Tales

The story goes similarly to the classic tale of Seymour Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers' unforgettable luncheon, until they decide to linger in the burning house for too long, leading to a piece of rubble falling onto them, crushing the ground under them.
They wake up to find themselves in a dangerous underground land full of traps and monsters, and they need to traverse it to get back home.


Characters from Demi's universe.


Everyone is Demi except Mettaton which is everyone.


Extra people

Sprites from people that supported this generator when it didn't even have an interface and was used through a Discord bot. When there was no way to add custom characters, I added some people in this category.

Extra characters

Extra characters that didn't fit anywhere else.

Extra memes

Me nam jef