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I am one with the Mailbox_Demons bio editing now. Bio edits ever since I put that statement in: 7

Can't wait for Deltarune Chapter 5™.

My name is Kris, but you can also call me Caleb. Don't ask, you just can.
I roleplay as an all-powerful god human called UnderMaster, including many other variations, so many I made an account for them. Cool, right?

I'm also the most active account here for 2023. Honestly. Not all too surprising. @smg1.5 will probably gain that title for 2024, however. I sure do wonder why?

I don’t think I need to explain how I’m an UT/DT fan, lol. I will say I’m also a YuB, Celeste, Will You Snail, A Dance of Fire and Ice, Pizza Tower, and an OMORI fan. Uhh, maybe a DOOM fan potentially? Probably not. AND a slight FNF fan. Or... ex-fan, I guess? I don't know.
I like the colour purple. Or color? Eh, who the fuck cares. I ain't American, bruv. (I'm never saying that again) Also the 'coloor' black. I don't care that it's called a shade.

Oh yeah, I’m asexual (meaning I'm not really interested in having that... stuff[but i still joke around about it]) and bi(meaning I'm [potentially] interested in anyone of any sex romantically). Why? Well, why not?
I learn stuff at Earlston High School, and I am extremely ahead of my maths class. B)

Oh yeah, here’s my alt counter: 26(what the fuck how and why do i have this many alts?)

Speaking of alts, here’s a list of all my alts. You'll probably need it.

I may or may not have some gender dysphoria. I really wanna be a girl for some odd reason.
I obviously use other platforms, so many that I'll just give you my Linktree. Also my IP address is (NOT TRUE BY THE WAY)

I’m somewhat good at pixel art.
I dislike horror with jumpscares, but I do like psychological horror games. They're spooooooky still, but more in the chill-down-in-the-spine kinda spooky, y’know? (This is why I don’t like most indie horror.)

I'm also one of the few beta testers who have access to the (probably outdated atm) beta version of this website. I know, nobody cares.

Cool people:

Not as cool people:

Have an absolutely perfect totally not dead website.

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