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Website: Goodbye, 2023.

Well, here we are, right at the end of 2023. I don't know about you guys, but this feels like the end of an era in my life. I'll avoid getting sentimental, but I would like to thank all of you for being here. This website is a project I'm very proud of and makes me very happy to see how many people use it and the community that has been born here.
For this reason, this year I will give awards to you guys as a thank you!

The following are automatically calculated, I had no say on who the winners are! The numbers speak for themselves. I did remove myself from the counts though, as I don't think it would be fair for me to win any of these. The number one of each category will get an exclusive badge, and I hope you wear it with pride! No one else has it!

Let's begin.

Most comments

The first award goes to the person who sent the largest number of comments during the year! And this user is... @UnderMaster! I just hope at least half of these comments weren't "chat is dead".
  1. @UnderMaster (2760)
  2. @Mailbox_Demons (2468)
  3. @Vee Driage (2395)
  4. @smg1.5 (2057)
  5. @Gnatt Gnert (1476)

Most active thread

This award goes to the user who managed to get the longest thread under one of their comments, not including their own messages. And this one goes to @Thus! Congratulations! Now, what the hell was going on inside that thread?
  1. @Thus (633)
  2. @Mailbox_Demons (560)
  3. @Vee Driage (263)
  4. @MAUS, Mimic and Final Judge of sprites. (151)
  5. @Watcher (131)

Most popular profile

This one goes to the user who managed to get the most unique comments (not counting thread replies) to their own profile. Congratulations, @UnderMaster. Not sure what you have going on there, but that's something to be proud of.
  1. @UnderMaster (91)
  2. @Gnatt Gnert (57)
  3. @Sanstheskeleton96 (53)
  4. @smg1.5 (33)
  5. @Goofbread (31)

Most popular Undertale content

This one is similar to the previous one but regarding Undertale content instead. This time, @Cookie_Studios is who managed to get the most comments in their characters. Good job making characters that make people want to talk about them!
  1. @Cookie_Studios's Sans (13)
  2. @StaRRlight's Delta (11)
  3. @myiggywanna's olderish asriel (11)
  4. @Goofbread's FAK (8)
  5. @Vee Driage's the original starwalker (7)

Most Undertale characters created

As the title says, this is for the person who created (and made public) the largest number of Undertale characters. And this one goes for @NexiCide! I hope your creative streak doesn't end here, keep creating!
  1. @NexiCide (103)
  2. @StevenUniverseFan101 (85)
  3. @SoilingQuasar (54)
  4. @HenWithATie (49)
  5. @PuzzleCrafter (42)

Most Undertale characters imported

This one is the opposite! Congratulations @Razzmatazz04 for saving the largest amount of characters! I hope you're putting them to good use. Because you are putting them to good use... right?
  1. @Razzmatazz04 (2100)
  2. @Razzmatazz (1875)
  3. @AngelSans (1318)
  4. @SHNASHQ (1124)
  5. @shitlord (1080)

Most imported character

This award goes to the owner of the character imported the most. And it's @HenWithATie, for their character Kris (SkellyHat Base)! Good job making lovely characters!
  1. @HenWithATie's Kris (SkellyHat Base) (602)
  2. @HenWithATie's SkellyHat's Frisk (Expanded) (587)
  3. @Dutch's StoryShift Chara - Devilovania (553)
  4. @VenHasten's Chara (550)
  5. @Tonynater 64's Random Memes (531)

Most rated character

This time, we are awarding the character with the highest score on the website. This one is @TrevenMcMeme's character Jaiden! Congratulations for getting so much recognition!
  1. @TrevenMcMeme's Jaiden (120)
  2. @Tilemahosbra's Sans (Tilemahosbra Brand) (102)
  3. @Coolerest's Clover (CANON SERIES) (101)
  4. @PacifistChild's My Frisk (99)
  5. @HenWithATie's Kris (SkellyHat Base) (93)

Most used character

And now... according to our statistics, this is the character used the most times this year! Congratulations, @Sonic_Hedgehog_! It's your character Dusttale Sans V2! People must have had lots of fun using it.
  1. @Sonic_Hedgehog_'s Dusttale Sans V2 (2622)
  2. @VenHasten's Chara (2200)
  3. @CharaViolet's Frisk (1925)
  4. @THE_OOFING_AAAA's Spamton G. Spamton (1851)
  5. @cacadelutin's Frisk 【reworked】 (1759)

Most characters rated

Now, for a change of pace, let's award the person who rated the most characters. Thank you for being honest, @kiritizias! I bet the creators really appreciate it.
  1. @kiritizias (3911)
  2. @Jack_37 (2159)
  3. @OliverAsLatias (1616)
  4. @StevenUniverseFan101 (1191)
  5. @SHNASHQ (1169)

Most wormsonas made

This one is probably one no one expected. Good!
Congratulations @HLEO! You are the user who owns the most wormsonas on the site! Now we just gotta hope you won't use that army for evil.
  1. @HLEO (7)
  2. @RealXoviak (6)
  3. @IncompleteSpriter (6)
  4. @XxInk_SansXx (5)
  5. @Waffle (5)

Closing thoughts

Congratulations to everyone who got an award, and to everyone in the top 5s too! Thank you so much for being here. See you next year!


  • Added 11 new achievements for the 2023 awards.

  • Comments can no longer be edited into blank comments.

  • Text-less comments with BBCode are now considered blank (exceptuating images).

  • Updated the list view mode buttons.

  • Changed emoji alt text so copying them only copies the shortcode and not the whole description.

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