Here's a list of all the significant updates that has been made to the website, sorted from newest to oldest.
The list of updates for the generators, if they have them, are listed in their page.

Notifications bug fixed!


Hey there! It's been a while. It's not much, but the bug where you couldn't go past the first notifications page has been fixed. You will now be able to clear that stinky notification that has been tormenting you for a while. It's not much, but I hope it helps!

New button in the nav!


I noticed that it was a bit tedious to go to the gallery, then to the generators, then to the textbox generator (which is the most used feature by far), so I thought moving the "about me" page to the gallery and giving the generators a dedicated button would be better for everyone. Oh, yeah, I also improved the buttons a little bit.


  • Moved the "about me" page from the nav to the gallery.
  • Moved the "generators" page from the gallery to the nav.
  • Added an outline to the buttons.
  • Added a button press animation.

Comments and BBCode improvements


A few changes have been implemented to the comments to make things better for everyone. Also, you can now make lists with BBCode.



  • If images load too slowly, the "read more" button will show up as soon as they finish loading (no more cut comments).
  • Images can be clicked on to display the full picture in a new tab.
  • Expanding and then hiding the replies of a comment will scroll back up to the original comment after hiding them.
  • When replying to a comment it will now reload it as a thread.
  • Threads will have all of their comments visible from the start.
  • Max length of a comment lowered to 5000 characters to prevent endless spammy messages.
  • If more than 5 consecutive like breaks are detected in a comment they will be automatically removed to prevent long empty comments.


Smart comment loading


The way comments load in your profile and Undertale content packs has changed. Before, they used to load as soon as you entered the page. They now wait until you scroll down to the comments section. If you had an unread notification of a certain comments section it will be marked as read as soon as they load, even if you weren't reading them. From now on, you can load that page and not scroll to the comments section to keep the notification as unread until you really want to read it.


  • The comments section of profiles and Undertale content packs will only load until if you scroll down to that section.

Undertale content packs bug fixes


A few bugs were found in the Undertale content pack editor. They were all solved and the editor works as intended once more.


  • Bug fix: adding a sprite throws an error. After reloading the page, the sprite was actually created but wasn't showing.
  • Bug fix: editing a sprite's info/image throws an error.
  • Bug fix: attempting to save a sprite with no changes throws an error.

Better mobile menu


I made a couple of updates to the mobile menu to be nicer and have the same functionality (if not more) as the desktop menu. Also, the VAPORWAVE theme's header is no longer broken.


  • Added separations between the site links, user buttons and misc in the mobile menu.
  • Added "connected as username" to the mobile menu, separating the site and user links a little bit.
  • Removed the username button (mobile).
  • Added a "public profile" button (mobile).
  • Added a "notifications" button (mobile).
  • Added a "configuration" button (mobile).
  • Added some spacing before the "change language" and "close menu" buttons (mobile).
  • Added an icon to the "log out" button (mobile).
  • Added an icon to the "change language" button (mobile).
  • Added an icon to the "close menu" button (mobile).
  • The header background of the VAPORWAVE theme now loops properly (mobile).

Mobile notifications!


I kind of forgot to add a notification indicator to mobile, oops. Now it's there. Expect improvements to the mobile menu soon!


  • Added visual change to the mobile menu button when there's unread notifications.
  • Added an unread notifications count to the mobile profile button.



Due to the email service failing constantly, I decided to make a notifications page[/a] so you don't miss anything anymore. In there you can see every reply ever made to your comments, and every comment you got in your profile and your Undertale content packs. In addition to that, the number of unread notifications you have will be displayed next to your username (if any).


  • Added a notifications page to keep track of interactions with you and your content.
  • Notifications count next to your username.

A few bug fixes


This update only fixes a couple of bugs I found during the last week.


  • You can now register new accounts once more.
  • News are now properly formatted.
  • The Undertale Administrator is now able to create characters without requesting it to an admin.
  • The Undertale Administrator creates cards dynamically properly once more (they could appear with no inputs or with unresponsive inputs since the April update).
  • The Undertale AU submission form no longer throws an error when entering with no characters.

The April 2021 update is here!


It's finally here, the 2021 update! ... well, the April 2021 update. This shit took 4 more months than what I expected at first. But to be fair, this is the biggest update I ever made to the website at once. In a few days, you will receive a more detailed newsletter about all the changes (if you enabled so in your settings), but for now, here's a simplified list of the changes.


Visual changes

  • New favicon - Instead of the Demirramon logo from over a decade ago, you can now see the site's mascot: Demi! This new favicon will also look better in high density displays and in shortcuts for mobile devices.
  • No more custom cursor - We say goodbye to the custom cursor. You will be missed. (Or not, according to most users.)
  • New nav - The previous navigator was a bit too cluttered. It is a lot simpler and has everything you will need.
  • New banner - The header banner is now slightly different too, and we hope you like it better.
  • New notification alert - When there's something new somewhere you will now see a small pulsating circle in a corner of the button leading to it.
  • Custom windows - The website will use custom alert windows fron now on. Say goodbye to the default browser alerts! They will also be used for logins and language switches.

Improvements in the comments

  • No more separation by language - The comments page will now display ALL comments.
  • Direct links - You are now able to link directly to a spefic comment or thread! Every comment now has its ID in a corner.

Undertale custom character stuff

  • Rating system update - the voting options has been reduced to like and dislike. Due to the misuse of the "stolen" option, these votes will no longer be counted.
  • Character list loading times improved - it used to take up to 10 seconds to load, so the page was rewritten to have normal load times.
  • Codename support and pretty urls - custom characters will now have codenames that will make the URLs prettier. More uses coming soon!
  • Edit button - to make things easier, you will now get an edit button in public character pages if you own it.
  • New AU submission page - The AU submission page has been completely redone! Updated rules and updated submission form based on custom characters.

Profile improvements

  • Separated the public profile from the personal settings - they were both in the same page, and it didn't make sense, so we split them.
  • Dynamic public profile - profiles are now editable on the spot by the owner.
  • Improved email/password change - these pages were old and didn't work well. They have been updated to work better than before.
  • Username link goes to your public profile - it will no longer bring you directly to your settings.
  • Better mail verification - the email verification process has been improved in many ways, specially when trying to verify it when your session is closed.
  • New badge icons - we decided to update the icons from the previous pixelated style to higher-definition ones.

Theme stuff

  • Optimization - themes no longer load multiple style files, the main style sheet will be dynamically generated instead.
  • Colored buttons - they will now change color according to the selected theme instead of being always blue.
  • New themes - Pink, Black/cyan and Vaporwave.

Other changes

  • About me page updated - the page has been slightly improved and old icons have been replaced by the official logos of every page.
  • Improved mail notifications - they have been redone to add a few quality of life changes. On top of that, comment notifications will all have direct links to the comment itself so you can reply to it or read all the replies easily.



A HUGE update is ready. Tomorrow at 10PM GMT the website will go under maintenance until 11PM GMT. During this time nothing will be available, so keep that in mind!

Improved security in the comments


Due to the wrong usage of the comments section, some measures were taken to guarantee the security of all users.


  • Added a limit of 10k characters per comment.
  • Ensured HTML code will not be read by the browser as such.

Character list optimization


The loading times for the public Undertale custom characters list have been optimized, therefore it will load at least 5 times faster than before. Also, this should solve the max_user_connections error for once and for all (or at least I hope so).

The 2021 update is around the corner


The 2021 update is almost done. Because of the magnitude of this update, the whole site will be down for maintenance for at least 30 minutes. The downtime will be announced the day before, so keep an eye on the news!

Undertale character editor bug fix


There was a bug that didn't allow users to save images for expressions added dynamically. A fix has been implemented and it should work as expected now. Also the home page now shows all the news for the last 7 days because I'm spamming updates lol.


  • BUG FIX - New expressions in Undertale custom characters can't be saved.
  • The home page now displays the news for the last 7 days if more than one.



After all the fixes I implemented, some accounts were still incomplete. To fix it definitely, from now on accounts with missing data will regenerate upon loading their profile page or user settings.

The error is gone! (hopefully)


The "max_user_connections" error should not show up anymore, or at least not as much as before. From now on, connections to the database will have 10 attempts to get things right. If it fails, it will just try again. If you still get the same error, please, get in contact with me.

Regarding the max user connection errors


A lot of users are getting errors lately. I tried to fix it, but somehow I made it worse. Oops. Anyways, a fix is in the works. I apologize for the problems it may have caused. Also, if you created an account and got the error midway, your account may lack some essential data. If that's your case, please contact me.



I was thinking about waiting until the next big update of the website was done to do this, but a potential attack that hit the website yesterday night made me realize this was an emergency. Page loading times have been greatly improved (it went from 4 seconds to less than 1 in good connections) after removing old functions that were no longer needed. I also slightly changed the way queries to the database are done to (hopefully) avoid the "max user connections reached" error showing up again in the future.

Overworld generator characters' uploading fixed!


There was a bug that prevented the uploading of overworld sprites for Undertale custom characters. It's working once more!

New way of updating your avatar


In a previous update the way images are uploaded in practically any part of the site was updated, but avatars worked in the same way as before. This mistake has been fixed and now changing your profile picture is way faster and easier.

New image uploading system


The old method using the imgur API has been replaced. This gets rid of all the bugs of that API and the uploading restrictions. Any image uploaded to the site will be optimized depending on its purpose. For instance, avatars will be downscaled to 100*100px if bigger, textbox sprites to 67*70px and will get a color pallete, etc. Pictures that can be uploaded anonymously will be removed periodically, so remember to download the images generated with those.

Profiles work again!


Due to an oversight visiting profiles of others while being logged in only led to your own profile with that person's name. The error causing this has been fixed.



The loading times of the website have been reduced up to a 400%.

Bye bye duplicates

08-06-2020 now properly redirects to again. No more confusion from having two different URLs.

The less clicks the better


Shortcuts to the public custom character list and the custom character manager have been added to the descriptions of the Undertale generators. Now you can go straight to them from the generator list.

Last call: optimize your sprites


Despite having a maximum size of 67x70 px, many people keeps uploading Undertale Textbox sprites up to 10 times that size. From now on you will get a warning when you select a sprite that exceeds the maximum size, and in the near future the image will be automatically resized before uploading (which means it can get blurry permanently if you didn't keep a copy).

Fixes for the undertale content packs page


Some fixes were made to the characters page. Empty sprites will no longer show as a question mark, they are skipped now. Also, if an image exceeds the maximum size (67x70) it will be marked with a red border and a warning will be shown.

Hey, that's new!


From now on it will be more obvious when a section of the website has new content thanks to the "NEW" icon on its button in the navigator. Right now this will only happen with Home and News depending on the last new published and Comments depending on the last comment. In the future the majority of the site will use a similar feature.

The world has been saved


Everything works as expected once more! I preffer to not give away too many technical details to avoid someone exploiting it to cause trouble (until I patch it forever), but all parts of the website should work as expected again.

Oh dear...


Due to an error out of my reach many parts of the website aren't working as expected. I already contacted the host and the problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Happy 2020!


Happy new year everyone! It's been a while since anything new has been added to the website, but know that this is far from being dead. Lots of new things will arrive during the span of this year!

Everything goes back to normal


The database problem has been solved! The website should work as intended once more. Oh, and the way news work has been changed internally. You won't notice much, but new stuff is coming.

Frozen database!


Welp, I screwed up. Due to a little negligence of mine, the database of the site got locked. That means you won't be able to create characters for the undertale generators, send comments or update your profiles. I'm trying to solve it, I apologize for the inconveniences.



Somehow, there has been a major problem with the website today. As a desperare measure, has been put offline to free some space. Some functions may not work for a while, sorry for the inconveniences it may cause.

Fixes in the uploading and verification


Changes have been made to the image uploading method. You can say goodbye to that dumb error that didn't let you upload anything. I also fixed an error that made verifying your email address impossible.

Bugs, bugs everywhere


For some reason that I don't understand at all, the site's config went nuts and a bunch of pages displayed a 404 error. This error has been fixed already. The automatic change from to (for security reasons) has been fixed too, as it only worked on the front pages before.

Fixes in the login and password changing


A few bugs in the new login system have been fixed and the password change page is working as intended again.

Security boost!


The method used to encrypt passwords has been replaced by a more secure one. All the current sessions have been closed and the next time you log in your password will be encrypted again using the new method.

Forgot your password? No problem!


A link to restore your password was added to the login page, in case you forget it. It was about time, wasn't it? [ITALIC][BOLD]Note:[/BOLD] the email assigned to your account must be valid so you can receive the mail, obviously.[/ITALIC]

Discord privileges!


Users that confirmed their account in the Discord server will now have the [BOLD]<img src='/img/icons/Discord.png'> Discord member[/BOLD] badge, which will grant access to discord-exclusive features in the future.

Woah, who's that?


From now on, users with a special role (like admin or moderator) will have an icon next to their username in their comments.

Hey! Wake up!


Due to an unnecessary calculation that wasn't even shown anywhere in the page, it took a lot of time to load. This error has been solved and the load time is similar to any other page in the site. Sorry for the inconveniences that might have caused.

Better uploading... again?


I kept receiving lots of errors when it comes to uploading images. Not as many as before, but still too many. For that reason I've rewritten the code used to upload images once more and I protected it as much as possible against errors. If there's any kind of error that I can control the error message will be as descriptive as possible.

New badges and roles?


New badges: [BOLD]<img src='/img/icons/Undertale_official.png'> official spriter[/BOLD] for who made official sprites for the undertale generators and [BOLD]<img src='/img/icons/Undertale_editor.png'> Undertale editor[/BOLD] for who is able to edit characters in the generators are now available. Also, the way the error pages work has been improven. Errors will be logged to make it easier to fix them, too.

Themes don't go crazy anymore!


The way themes work has been fixed. Previously, the theme was only updated when you logged in or updated your prefferences, but not if you changed them in another device. From now on, you will always see the theme you chose, no matter what device you use.

Better uploading!


The scripts used to upload images have been improven. Now they will notify you about errors/warnings if any. There's also a limit to daily uploads (20 for guests, 50 for users) to ensure no one gets to the global limit by themselves, which would block the feature for everyone.

Cooler headers


A Demi sprite has been added to the header (desktop only). This sprite changes in the special themes. Also, the small header's title in the Halloween theme has been fixed and mobile headers will no longer stick to the screen, only the menu button will. And happy 2019!

New home page


The home page's text has been updated to be more informative. Oh and, by the way, Merry Christmas!

Changes to the login button


I noticed that when someone clicks the login button, chances are they did so because the page they were in required to be logged in to do something. For that reason I changed the behaviour of this button. From now on, instead of going to your configuration, it will bring you back to the page you were before. You can still access your configuration clicking on the button with your name, obviously.

Fixes for the Undertale character editor


Lately, a lot of people have been encountering a weird error when uploading sprites: the upload failed and it saved the error message as the image url. From now on, uploads will be attempted up to 10 times before considering it failed, and then the error will be displayed to the user. If an error occurs, the image won't be updated anymore.

Say hello to the gallery!


From now on, the series and generators tabs will be fused in one: the gallery. This is not the only purpose of it, it will get new sections pretty soon. I may or may not have update this on accident before completing it. Oops.

Undertale Content Packs!


The Undertale custom character section has been completelly remade. It looks really different now, it works way better and now you can even upload sprites for the Overworld Mockup Generator! More \"Content Pack\" kinds coming soon! The character list and the character sharing pages got adapted to these changes as well. More updates will probably come for them in the future. Oh, and you can group characters by categories now. I think many people were waiting for this ;) There have also been some fixes in some parts of the site that really needed it, but they were minor things.

July's update is here!


A lot of stuff changed in this update: new comments that are better optimized and include an edit button, changes to the mobile site, etc. If you want to see a complete list of everything that changed, don't forget to activate the newsletter in the configuration of your account, and you will receive an email tomorrow.

Everything is broken aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Yes, I know. The comment section of your profiles is currently disabled, and the pages of Undertale Custom Characters are just completelly broken. This is caused by a necessary change for the next update of the website, which will be public in a couple of days and will fix these errors.

The big update has begun


As promised, today begins the development of a huge update. I want to make sure that everything works perfectly, so I'm not really sure of when it's going to be ready, but it's my number 1 priority at the moment. If you have any complaint about the current website, you can tell me in <a href='comments'>the comments page</a> and I might add it to the change list.

Getting back on track


The 20th of this month, after an endless wait, the developing of one of the biggest updates for this website will start. It will completelly change the user zone and it will add friends, private messages, etc. Right after, the Undertale generators will be updated as well to add a bunch of sprites that were left in the queue and a bunch of new functions. I just wanted to remind you that I'm not dead ;)

I can't believe Demi is fuckin dead


As you might have noticed, there hasn't been any remarkable update in a few weeks. I already said it in a previous update, but the last one replaced it. My situation didn't change, so what I said about delaying all updates for one or two months still stands. I hope it's not a problem for you. Remember that, if you want to always be updated about the updates (pun not intended), among other things, [DISCORD]you can join my discord server[/DISCORD].

Well this looks quite problematic...


Spaces are no longer allowed in new usernames. Old usernames with spaces, however, will be kept as they are. Allowing spaces never was a good idea to begin with, as it may cause lots of problems in certain situations.

Update for Kean!


Kean's text boxes have been changed and look better now. The system was also rewritten, and now he shows expressions in different situations. Also, you can't inspect the code to read all the dialogue. It was a dumb idea to not hide that. Because of the big changes, it's possible for the last conversation to repeat once more. Sorry!

Lost profiles - found!


There was a problem with the comments on the custom characters for the Undertale text box generator that made the links to the profiles of the commenters lead to an error page. They work as expected now.

Hello, Kean here!


A new theme has been added, apart from some internal changes. You can't use the theme until tomorrow, though. Sorry about that.



Lately I'm busier than ever. For that reason, I have no choice but to stop working in the website for a while. During one, two, or even three months the site will only recieve maintenance updates and bug fixes.

Account updates


The way accounts work and store their preferences has changed. The update, even if it's not noticeable, was really big. Sorry in advance in case you encounter bugs or errors, and be sure to report them if that happens. During the next three months new functions will be added like, for example, a friends system and direct messages.

Well, this is awkward...


Most of you experienced weird stuff when checking the pages of custom characters for the Undertale Text Box generator. Every time anyone told me about that error, I just said it was the host's fault, because I really believed that was the case. Well GUESS WHO WAS WRONG. I left a piece of code in there that checked the size of every single image before loading it, which increased the load time to like x5 and the server got tired of waiting. ... anyways, it's fixed now. I'm really sorry.



Ads of various might start to show up in the site. It's still experimental, so be sure to report any annoying ads you may find in the comments.

Changing passwords works again


The option to change your account's password is fully functional! [TINY]I completely forgot it wasn't, oops.[/TINY]

More info


New information has been added to the box generator custom characters page. There haven't been a lot of updates lately because there's a big update in the works, along with a new Undertale generator.

New profile url


The URL for user profiles has changed! It works like this: [BOLD][ITALIC]username[/ITALIC][/BOLD]. You don't even need user IDs anymore, but you can still use them!

Help updated


The help page for the Undertale Text Box Generator has been updated a lot, and all that wasn't translated to spanish before it is now. Also, the gray background effect that showed up when you hovered your mouse over a sprite has been replaced with a gray border that surrounds the sprite, both in there and the public character list.

Hidden replies


The replies to a comment, starting from the fourth, will be hidden by default to avoid making the page excessively long. They can be read by clicking the \"Show all comments\" button.

Bug fixes


Fixed a bug that brought you to an error page after clicking the username of an user that had commented in another user's profile.

Accurate dates


The bug that added a month to all dates has been fixed. The dates now finally display the appropiate days and hours addapted to your timezone. I fixed a bug that prevented you from typing more than 300 characters when replying to a comment as well. Also, UTGEN custom characters' descriptions support BB code now (which should have been working for months now but I noticed I forgot to add it when I was improving their code).

More replies


You can now reply to comments in user profiles.

Secret theme


Added a new rainbow theme, which you will only be able to use if [MEOW]someone[/MEOW] gives it to you.

Monthly newsletter


The monthly newsletter was sent! If you didn't get it, <a href='/mails/newsletter_2_2017-12-15_en.html' target='_blank'>you can read it here</a>.



Give a warm welcome to Twemoji! All the emoji in the site are automatically converted to Twemoji. ⭐ And starting today, the christmas theme is avaliable in your account's settings!

Mobile navigator


The nav menu for mobile has been upgraded: it works a lot better and an animation has been added to it. This menu might get more updates in the future. Also, some info has been added to <a href='/en/series/Phoenix_Wright_Christmas_Turnabout'>The Christmas Turnabout</a>'s page.

Optimized character list


The UTGEN custom characters list loads way faster now! The secret button in the nav was replaced by a language switch button. However, don't panic! The secret button still exists in its own way. Will you be lucky enough to find it?

Character searcher


A search button was added to the UTGEN custom characters list Now you can search certain words, which will be looked for in the name and description of the characters and the username of the creators, and sort them by creation date and score. Also, a link to the users' characters has been added in their profiles.

More comments!


Added comments to the user profiles and the UTGEN custom characters. Also, emojis finally work (they no longer turn into ????). The first newsletter was sent! If you didn't get it, <a href='/mails/newsletter_1_2017-11-16.html' target='_blank'>you can read it here</a>.

Updated comments


Some changes have been made in the way the comment section works. The 300 characters limit was removed, but comments that exceed a height of 100 pixels will be cut. In that case, a button to show the full comment will appear.

Updated nav


The style of the navigator changed a bit.



There were some problems with the migration of the database that made some operations with it impossible. It's fixed now. Also, the UTGEN character editor was improved. You couldn't delete more than one expression at once before due to a little bug, and now you can.

New host


The site was moved to a paid host, so it shouldn't go offline at random nor get blocked by anti-scam IPS' software Added buttons to rate the characters in the <a href='/en/generators/undertale_text_box_character_list'>public custom character list for UTGEN</a>.



A new generator was added: the wormsona creator. Also, you can now rate the custom characters for UTGEN. You will also be able to sort them by rating soon.

Persistent sessions


Sessions are finally persistent! I was ready to give up after trying literally everything and seeing how sessions expired after 24 minutes no matter what, but I finally found a definitive solution! For now, sessions last a week, but it might be increased in the future. [BOLD]Also, happy halloween![/BOLD]



The comments section has been updated again, this time to add BBCode. For example, if you type this, you will get [BOLD]this[/BOLD]. At the moment, these are the avaliable tags: (bold), (italics), (underlined), [img] (image), [url] / [url=(link)] (link). Also, the last update is now visible in the home page.[/img]

Comment system update


The comments section has been updated with a new design and buttons to reply to the comments right beneath them. Also, the hability to post comments anonymously was removed. Making an account is really easy, so I hope this is not a problem.

New news section


The news section (the one you're in right now) has been moved from the homepage to its own section.

UTGEN chars descriptions


A description for public UTGEN characters has been added.

Password change


Now you can change your password in your profile's settings.

Email change


Now you can change your email in your profile's settings. You can also upload a profile pic that will be shown in your comments.

Older updates were removed due to how the news section in the home page worked.